90-minute ticket

On what lines does the 90-minute ticket entitle you to travel?

More trips with one ticket! Choose the 90-minute ticket and get onboard nearly any BKK line within 90 minutes. The time-based ticket entitles you to transfers between metro lines and also other lines.

Take advantage of your time: in possession of one ticket, you can take a round trip and even run your errands.

Moreover, you can finish your trip beyond the 90th minute until you reach your destination within Budapest.

Important! Please scan the code each time when you board a vehicle to validate your ticket.


For how long is it valid?

You can finish your trip begun within 90 minutes even after the time limit is over, as the 90-minute ticket is valid until you leave the vehicle.

Does your trip take less time? Choose the 30-minute ticket!


Where is it valid?

The 90-minute ticket is valid on all BKK lines (metro lines, tram lines, trolleybuses, buses) as well as on regional buses: specifically, on lines 1–99,101–299, 900–999 and on suburban railway lines H5–H9 within Budapest’s administrative boundaries. You can use it for an unlimited number of transfers and trip interruptions, by validating it each time you board making sure that your last transfer falls within the 90-minute time limit.


How to validate the mobile ticket

Please note that the time-based, 90-minute ticket is required to be validated before you start your trip and also each time when transferring to a new line, by scanning the code stickers to be found at the metro station entrances and on the outside by the door of other lines. The validity period of the 90-minute ticket starts when the validation code is scanned for the first time. The code must be scanned again when you transfer to another line. At metro station entrances and at the front door on vehicles where the front-door-only boarding policy is applicable, please show the animated symbol while upon request by the ticket inspector, please present the code to be found under the details of the ticket.



You can get a refund for your unused tickets (please find the detailed regulation here)

You can use the 90-minute ticket purchased in the mobile app for one year from the time of purchase.


Further information on the mobile ticket

This type of ticket can be purchased only via a smart phone and no paper-based equivalent exists. After it has been purchased successfully, the 90-minute ticket is required to be validated upon boarding and you are ready to travel. An active internet connection is required to use the mobile ticket. Please find more information on mobile phone apps and on the usage, replacement and refund of the mobile tickets here.