Budapest Pay&GO – ticket purchase and validation at the same time

100E Repülőtéri Expressz buszjárat


Two steps in one: buy and validate your ticket at the same time with your bankcard

  • Buy and validate your ticket at the same time with your bankcard on the 100E Airport Express and on metro line M1. 
  • Buy your airport shuttlebus single ticket with your bankcard using the on-board Budapest Pay&GO device or get a single ticket with the help of the Budapest Pay&GO device mounted by the entrances to the stations of the M1 metro.
  • No more need for paper tickets, cash or pre-purchases: use your bankcard securely to buy your ticket quickly, conveniently and easily, whether you're travelling alone or in a group.




Bankcard, smartphone and smartwatch icons


  • Use a bankcard, smartphone or smartwatch to buy tickets
  • You can buy tickets using Mastercard, Maestro, VISA or VPay debit, credit or prepaid cards, or even virtual cards registered in digital wallets (e.g.: GooglePay, ApplePay, SamsungPay and other mobile wallets).




Budapest Pay&GO device


What is the Pay&GO device for and where can you find it?

  • You can buy and validate tickets for a few people by touching your bankcard to the device.
  • You can check your previous purchases. 
  • Next to regular ticket validating machines found by the entrance of M1 metro stations. 
  • By each door on board the 100E Airport Express bus: at the front door on the right side of the driver’s cabin, while at the second and third doors they are mounted on the handrail to the right of the door 

Budapest Pay&GO device with bankcard


Purchase steps

  • By default, the device offers to purchase 1 ticket.
  • If you only need one ticket, tap the device with your bankcard or smart device.
  • You can buy up to 5 tickets by using the "+" sign to add more tickets.
  • The amount of the tickets purchased will not be immediately deducted from your bank account; the financial settlement of the transactions will take place during the night following the purchase.
  • A ticket purchased on the metro line is valid for a single journey on the entire length of the M1, M2, M3 and M4 lines, with transfers between metro lines (transfers possible only if starting the journey on line M1 in the direction of Deák Ferenc tér transfer hub!).

Budapest Pay&GO device with successful purchase


Did you make a successful purchase?

  • After the purchase, the display will tell you whether the purchase was successful or unsuccessful. The device will not print a paper ticket or confirmation.
  • During your journey, you can also check your purchases on the device under Purchase Information.
  • After your journey, you can find information on the Budapest Pay&GO customer portal, which you can access by clicking on the Access customer portal button found further down on this page.

Budapest Pay&GO device with failed purchase


Ticket purchase failed

  • If your card is in debt, expired or you wish to buy more than five tickets, the purchase will fail.
  • If none of the above is the case, please contact your card-issuing bank about your failed purchase.

Ticket inspector


I have encountered an inspector, what should I do?

  • Our ticket inspectors can check tickets and passes on BKK transport services at any time.
  • You must touch the bottom of the hand-held checker carried by the inspector with the bankcard or smart device you used to buy the ticket. The control process is completely secure, the inspector’s checker tool is only used to scan the information, no payment process can be initiated through it.





  • No registration or password required for the customer portal.
  • All you need is your bankcard number and expiry date.
  • Once logged in, you can review your purchases, request an e-invoice or receipt, contact us or read the frequently asked questions.







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