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Intellectual property

The owner and operator of the website (“website”) is the BKK Centre for Budapest Transport (1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén utca 19-21.) (“BKK Zrt.”).

The past, present and future content of the website, including but not limited to all relevant software in any form, structure, design, text, images, photographs, illustrations, compilations, audio and video materials, works of art, graphics, podcasts, promotional texts, databases, ownership information, all elements of the website that can be protected by copyright or other rights (including source and object codes) and all other materials that can be linked to BKK, the website service itself, the layout, selection and series of elements within the website service, the main features of the structure of the website, all trademarks, protected services, company names, logos, domain names, patents and all intellectual property (separately and as a whole “Content”) are protected by copyright and ownership right and are the property of BKK.

The website is provided exclusively for non-commercial, non-exclusive, limited personal use and may not be used for any other purpose without the prior written consent of BKK. The user agrees to comply with all copyright provisions, information and restrictions contained in any part of the website. The user may not alter, delete or obscure any copyright, trademark, patent or other similar notices on the website, including any parts that may be downloaded, transmitted, displayed, printed or reproduced in other way.

BKK provides users with a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-commercial, revocable, non-transferable authorisation to view a single copy of the Content (excluding source and object codes), which is generally available publicly on the website service, provided that (i) the user retains all trademarks, notices of copyright or proprietary right contained in the original Content or in any copies made by the user, (ii) the user will not allow, assist or incite any third party (whether for profit or not) to copy or modify the object code of any software on the website, the codes of HTML or JavaScript or any other codes; to recreate, decrypt, modify or attempt to disclose the source code of any part of the website service based on the original; or any software or other product or process available through the website service, and (iii) does not attempt to insert any code or product to manipulate the Content in any way that affects the user experience in any way.

The user (and any other third party via the user) is not eligible to rearrange, modify, exchange, share, pass on, publish, republish, distribute, broadcast,  circulate, sell, rent, lease, upload the Content, to make commercial materials out of it for profit or to use it in any other way. The prohibited or illegal use of any Content is strictly forbidden and will result in civil and criminal proceedings under applicable law.


Legal Disclaimer


Privacy Statement

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) requests data from the users of the service when applying for the services available at (e.g. forums, newsletter).

During the registration procedure, BKK does not collect or obtain any data other than those that have been entered into the data fields. By registering, the registrant gives consent to his/her data being managed. During data management, in addition to the performance of the chosen service, BKK uses the provided personal data exclusively for market research and contracting activities.

BKK will use the data obtained in the course of the registration procedure exclusively for the purpose indicated therein and will not combine it with its databases from other sources.

Data obtained during the registration process will not be passed on to third parties in any form.

BKK places small pieces of texts (so-called cookies) on the users' computer during the registration process to facilitate future login of users who have completed the registration. Accepting cookies does not allow BKK to access either the user's computer or personal information outside of the scope of data that the user chooses to disclose. This procedure is strictly followed by BKK. The visitor can choose whether or not to accept cookies. If you do not wish to accept the use of cookies, you can set your browser to notify you about the request to place cookies or to automatically disable the use thereof.

BKK will do everything in its power to keep the data in its possession confidential and to meet the requirements of data security, however, it cannot take responsibility for the disclosure of the data due to a possible force majeure event.


Register and management of personal data

The register and processing of personal data are in accordance with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right to Informational Self-Determination and on the Freedom of Information (“Privacy Act”) and Act CXIX of 1995 on the Use of Name and Address Information Serving the Purposes of Research and Direct Marketing.

The register identifiers and details of BKK’s data management, reported in the data protection register maintained by the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, can be viewed on the website of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

BKK will delete the recorded data from its register if the conditions for data storage by law or other legal basis no longer exist. The registered user can request the deletion of his/her personal data from the register at any time.


Other privacy information

Some data and IP addresses of the computers of visitors to the website are logged in order to generate website traffic data, to detect possible errors and attack attempts. BKK does not link the IP addresses to any other data on the basis of which the identity of the visitor could be identified. No other cookies or web bugs will be downloaded during your visit to the website.

The website may contain references or links to other websites maintained by other service providers where BKK has no influence on the practice related to the handling of personal data. Please note that if you click on such links, you will be redirected to the pages of other service providers. These sites are not and cannot be controlled by BKK, therefore the operator does not assume any responsibility for the disclosure of data on those sites or for the procedure related to personal rights. In such cases, you can read the privacy statements on the protection of personal data of the relevant site providers.

Use of the services of the website constitutes consent to data management and data storage.

If you have any comments on the above, please feel free to contact us at one of our contact details below:

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