Night Services

Even at night, life doesn’t stop in Budapest, and traffic on the streets – especially in the inner districts – is significant. This is especially true on Friday and Saturday nights, when most young people set out to party. The bustling nightlife of the capital is provided by the round the clock operation of tram line 6 and a total of 41 bus lines; besides travelling in the city centre at night, you can also travel to the outer districts with BKK lines. Most night bus lines operate throughout the city.

For the schedule of night services in Budapest, please visit: 

You can find the network maps of night transport services below



Buses waiting for passengers at night


What kind of tickets do I need for the night transport services?

Regular fares apply to night services, so you can use all ticket and pass types that are accepted on the given bus lines during daytime. 

Where can I buy a ticket for the night transport service? 

  • Most BKK Customer Service Centres and ticket offices are open until the evening. After that, you can purchase a ticket from BKK ticket vending machines (TVMs) operating round the clock. On night bus services, tickets can be purchased from the driver and from the security guard on board, if there is one inspecting the tickets. Single tickets bought on board cost HUF 600. You can purchase passes, travelcards and tickets for the Airport shuttle bus (100E) from the mobile ticket application as well.
  • Please find the locations and opening hours of BKK Customer Service Centres, ticket offices and the exact locations of BKK TVMs at
  • Tip: you can filter your search to show only TVMs accessible at night.
  • Tip: tickets and passes can be purchased in advance.


A tram


Ticket inspection and boarding policy 

  • Please board only in possession of a valid ticket or pass or a travel document entitling free travel. Please validate your ticket immediately after boarding or if you bought your ticket on board, right after purchase.
  • In case a security guard carries out ticket inspection on board or the front-door boarding only policy applies, the ticket, pass or the travel document entitling free travel must be presented for control. On lines with front-door boarding only policy, use the ticket validating machine found right next to the driver’s cabin.
  • The front-door boarding only policy applies to all single, and some articulated buses as well.
  • Ticket inspection at night is carried out on tram line 6 on a continuous basis, while on night bus lines spotchecks are performed.


Maps of major transport hubs

Night service schedules have been created in such a way that bus lines with less frequent services would be able to wait for each other at major hubs to allow easy transfers.

Major hubs of the night transport network (please click to see bus stops on the maps):


What should I keep in mind on night transport vehicles? 

Pictograms about what should I keep in mind on night transport vehicles

On board of the vehicles, at stops and in the public areas of the metro network, suburban and cogwheel railways it is prohibited:

  • to smoke;
  • to consume food or beverages;
  • to litter;
  • to post signs and notices without authorisation;
  • to disturb transport and fellow passengers;
  • to damage objects and equipment in any way.


Tips for using public transportation at night: 

  • On board of the vehicles, sit close to the driver or in case you travel on a tram, choose the first car.
  • If you feel that you are in danger, ask for assistance from the driver or the security guards on duty on most night service lines.
  • Security guards are primarily on duty on single buses with high passenger traffic and front-door boarding only policy.
  • Beware of pickpockets. You are advised to carry your bag with the strap crosswise over your shoulder or held tightly in front of you or close to your body.