Information about taxi services

There are a number of taxi companies and independent taxi firms operating in Budapest. Please only get into a qualified, licensed taxi. We recommend that you order a taxi using an app or by phone. Budapest taxis have standardised signage: the cars are yellow with the words "qualified Budapest taxi/minősített budapesti taxi" on the left-side front door, the number plates are yellow, and the dashboard and the two rear doors display a table of fixed official taxi fares.


sárga taxi egy budapesti utcán


Taxi fares

In Budapest, the taxi fare is calculated by the taximeter from the base fare, the distance-based fare and the time-based fare. Fare calculation starts when the taximeter is started after you get in and ends when the equipment is switched off on arrival at the destination.

The official price is the same at all times of the day and for all operators. You can pay in taxis with cash, physical and digital bankcards. The current taxi fares are shown in the table below.


taxi tarifatáblázat
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Licensed taxi companies

In Budapest, the following taxi companies are licensed to provide taxi services under the Budapest Taxi Regulation:


taxi egy budapesti utcán


If there was a problem

Have you had a problem with the taxi service, have a complaint or comment? It's important to know that we can investigate your complaint quickly and efficiently if you provide all the details that can identify the taxi driver, such as the registration number of the vehicle or the licence number on the right front door of the taxi, and if you agree to fill in and sign the complaint report form. If the complaint is investigated and the taxi driver is found to be in breach of the law, we will request the revocation of the taxi rank permit, i.e. the taxi driver will not be allowed to operate in Budapest for a period of one year.


How can you file a complaint?