What transport discounts are available? It depends on whether you use local or regional transport.


Discounts for local transport in Budapest

You use a local transport service when you travel within Budapest by metro, HÉV suburban railway, tram, trolleybus, BKK or suburban bus ( lines 1-99, 101-299, 900-999), or by Cogwheel Railway. In this case you are entitled to the following types of discounts.


You can find out from the document below what types of travel discounts are available in local transport. 


Local transport


Discounts in regional transport


You use a regional  transport service when you travel on metropolitan area services - typically suburban rail or bus - rather than local services. In this case, you are entitled to the following discounts. The 50 % discount is available with HÉV suburban railway tickets and metropolitan area single tickets purchased from the driver.


Regional transport




Foreign-issued Student IDs

Main rules of using non-Hungarian student IDs; minimal requirements:

  • The ID must be a paper-based or card-format document whose original needs to be used for travel and be presented for control (a photo/photocopy of the ID is not accepted!) and it is clearly visible that it is a student ID (and not a library card or a dormitory access card etc.)
  • Some foreign student IDs might be issued as a bankcard or as a combined partner card, but not the international (ISIC) card, which will be accepted only as a separate card and only if it shows the name of a school with a seat outside Hungary
  • The ID must have a photo of the holder along with a unique identifying number, otherwise a photo ID must be used together with the student ID
  • The ID must show the student’s and the school’s name
  • The ID must have the validity period, a validating sticker or date of issue on it



Student travel discounts are available to citizens of the European Economic Area (comprising the EU members states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), as well as of Switzerland, if those citizens attend daytime or evening courses in one of the countries mentioned above (correspondence courses do not qualify). Please check further rules and detailed information on persons eligible for the student pass and on the use of student IDs under the different Budapest-pass types, for example Monthly Budapest-pass for students


Forgot your pass at home? Option to present existing pass/photo ID subsequently

If the passenger is in possession of a pass and a matching student ID that were valid at the time of control, but the passenger could not present the pass or the photo ID to the inspector, the customer can settle the penalty fare payment within 5 workdays from the issue of the penalty fare by presenting the pass along with the matching student ID and by paying the appropriate processing fee at one of the dedicated BKK customer points. The time of purchase of the pass must be earlier than the time of inspection/issue of penalty fare. The processing fee is 1,000 HUF for annual, semester and quarterly passes while it is 2,000 HUF for all other types of passes. Please find more information here.

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