Suburban railway ticket (15 km)

HÉV-menetjegy (15 km)


What are the rules for using this fare product?

It is valid for a single, one-way (from boarding point to destination in the order of the stations indicated on the ticket), and uninterrupted trip.

Valid for travel on the suburban route sections of the suburban railway lines outside the administrative boundaries of Budapest. For travel within the city boundaries, passengers require a valid pass or a ticket validated with the on-board machine.


For what services is the ticket valid?

Valid for travel on the suburban route sections outside Budapest between the stations indicated on the ticket in the order printed.


Ticket validation

No validation is required after purchase.


Validity period

BKK tickets purchased are valid for one-way travel without interruption until 02:00 on the day following the day of validity. A ticket purchased from the MÁV application is valid for 4 hours from the start date and time (month, day, hour, minute) specified at the time of purchase, which means that the single, uninterrupted, one-way journey must be started during this period (a journey started within the validity period can be completed after the expiry of the validity period).


Sales points

This ticket type is on sale in the MÁV app, its paper-based version is on sale even at the ticket offices and vending machines of MÁV-START Zrt. Sales options are to be found even at BKK at: BKK Sales Point Finder.


Refund rule

You can get a refund for your unused tickets (please find the detailed regulation here) if the ticket price exceeds the handling fee.


Further information

It is not considered a trip interruption if:

  • a passenger changes from a train which has stopped at the boarding point but does not run to his/her destination, or passes through there without stopping according to the timetable, to the earliest following train which stops according to the timetable at his/her destination
  • the journey on the particular line and on the particular service is only possible by a transfer according to the timetable
  • is forced to change trains due to unforeseen circumstances

To travel with a ticket, the ticket must be purchased for the entire journey to be made before boarding. Exceptions to this rule are:

  • passengers boarding at a stop outside the administrative boundaries of Budapest, if there is no ticket sales point (ticket office, ticket vendor, ticket vending machine /TVM or ticket inspector on duty on the platform),
  • for journeys to stops outside the administrative boundaries of Budapest, passengers holding a ticket or pass valid for the section within Budapest

The ticket must be presented at the time of ticket inspection and handed over at the request of the person carrying out the check.

You can find information about the MÁV application and the use, exchange and refund of tickets purchased in the app here.

Please check the pre-purchase rules here.