Airport bus extension ticket

200E airport bus extension ticket


What are the rules for using this fare product ?

The 200E airport bus extension ticket can be purchased as an addition to MÁV-START Hungarian State Railways tickets for a single ride on bus line 200E on the route section between Ferihegy vasútállomás train station and Liszt Ferenc International Airport.


For what services is the ticket valid?

The bus ticket is valid for a single ride on bus line 200E between the Ferihegy vasútállomás and Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 stops. Travel by the airport bus must be directly before or after the train ride with a rail ticket: travel to the airport is possible if the destination of the rail ticket is Ferihegy, while travel from the airport is possible to the train station if the departure of the rail ticket is Ferihegy. This ticket is not valid on the 100E Airport Express.


Ticket validation

No validation required after purchase.


Validity period

Valid for a single uninterrupted ride on the date shown on the ticket.


Sales points

MÁV-START ticket machines even at Ferihegy station; and all other MÁV-START ticket offices and ticket machines.


Refund rule

Refundable at MÁV-START ticket offices before the start of validity (with the handling fee applied for train ticket refunds).


Further information

Valid only with a MÁV-START train ticket (including pass-type train tickets and other rail travel IDs) originating or terminating at Ferihegy railway station.