Annual Budapest-pass (business)

éves Budapest-bérlet cégeknek minta


How is it valid?

It entitles you to unlimited number of trips within its validity period.


Where is it valid?

Within the administrative boundaries of Budapest for almost all BKK services and suburban buses (lines 1-99, 101-299, 900-999, M1, M2, M3, M4, D14), on HÉV suburban railway lines H5, H6, H7, H8, H9, as well as on trains of MÁV-START in 2nd class (except on trains with supplementary charges, but if the journey is only within Budapest, you can take any train and you do not need to pay a seat reservation), and on designated regional services of VOLÁNBUSZ. This pass is not valid on the 100E Airport Express.


Ticket validation – paper tickets

No validation is required after purchase. The pass is issued on 12 slips and when travelling, it is enough to keep the valid slip with you.


For how long is it valid?

From 00:00 on the selected starting day until 02:00 on the 370th day after the start date.


Official ID required for the validity of this pass

No ID number is required to be provided to use this pass. In case the ID number is required for administrative purposes, a unique character sequence can be provided during purchase.


Is it transferable?

The pass is valid for the holder and is transferable to another person.


Sales points

You can find the further sales locations with the BKK Sales Point Finder search tool.


Refund rule

During the validity period of the pass, the price of the slips whose validity period has not been started can be refunded (a.k.a the refund claim is made prior to the starting date of the validity period indicated on the given slip; each such slip has to be delivered. (Detailed regulation)


Further information

The pass must be presented at the time of ticket inspection and handed over at the request of the person carrying out the check.

In case it gets damaged or the ID number has been changed, we exchange the paper-based tickets to a new slip of the same type and same validity period at the designated place, in exchange of a handling fee. Please find the details here. It is strictly prohibited to remove the part with the barcode and serial number. In case the slip is lost, no replace is possible.

Please find information on advance purchase here and on validity periods indicated on passes here.

Please check the validity rules of passes, the MÁV-START trains and VOLÁNBUSZ buses here.