Monthly pass for job seekers

havi bérlet álláskeresőknek minta


What are the rules for using this fare product?

It is valid for unlimited travel within the validity period.

Persons whose permanent residence or place of stay is Budapest and are registered as job seekers in the competent district office of the Government Office of the Municipality of Budapest are entitled to the Monthly Budapest-pass for job seekers.

official document issued by the Hungarian authorities required for use)


For what services is the pass valid?

Within the administrative boundaries of Budapest for almost all BKK services and suburban buses (lines 1-99, 101-299, 900-999, M1, M2, M3, M4, D14), on HÉV suburban railway lines H5, H6, H7, H8, H9, as well as on trains of MÁV-START in 2nd class (except on trains with supplementary charges, but if the journey is only within Budapest, you can take any train and you do not need to pay a seat reservation), and on designated regional services of VOLÁNBUSZ. This pass is not valid on the 100E Airport Express.


Ticket validation – paper tickets

No separate validation required after purchase.


Validity period

Valid from 00:00 (midnight) on the indicated start date (but not earlier than the time of purchase) until 02:00 in the morning on the same day of the following month.


Photo ID required for use

The pass can only be used with a valid identity card, passport or driving licence in card format, the serial number of which must be provided at the time of purchase and will be printed on the ticket. The pass must be used together with the original photo ID provided at the time of purchase (no copy/scan of the photo ID accepted).


Are the passes transferable?

Passes not transferable to another person.


Sales points

You can find the further sales locations with the BKK Sales Point Finder search tool.


Refund rule

This type of pass is non-refundable (please find the detailed regulation here).


Further information

The pass cannot be purchased in advance.

The pass must be presented at the time of ticket inspection and handed over at the request of the person carrying out the check.

The competent Budapest district offices will issue, at the express request of the customer, an official certificate that can be used for obtaining the pass. The Monthly Budapest-pass for job seekers can be obtained on presentation of the following documents:

  • an official certificate dated no more than 30 days old
  • a valid photo ID
  • official proof of address (if the registered address or place of stay is subject to an expiry date, it must be valid on the day of purchase).

The sales agent indicates on the official certificate the fact of the pass having been issued. It is not possible to replace a pass, even if several official certificates are presented (if a Monthly Budapest-pass for job seekers has already been issued on the basis of a given official certificate, it is not possible to get a new pass on the basis of a new official certificate, and a new pass cannot be obtained until at least 15 days after the date of the previous official certificate).