Suburban railway tour ticket (H5) (H8, H9)

HÉV kirándulójegyek (H5) (H8, H9)


What are the rules for using this fare product?

It is valid for an unlimited number of trips within its validity period.

To be used by up to 10 passengers travelling together in the same vehicle (in the case of a train, in the same carriage).


For what services is the pass valid?

The Suburban railway tour ticket (H5) is valid on line H5 between Békásmegyer and Szentendre, the Suburban railway tour ticket H8, H9 is valid on line H8 between Szabadságtelep and Csömör, and on line H9 between Ilonatelep and Gödöllő.


Ticket validation

No validation is required after purchase.


Validity period

From 0:00 on the chosen calendar day (but not earlier than the time of purchase) until 02:00 on the following day.


Sales points

This ticket type is on sale in the MÁV app, its paper-based version is on sale even at the ticket offices and vending machines of MÁV-START Zrt. Sales options are to be found even at BKK at: BKK Sales Point Finder. Please note that they are not on sale by suburban railway inspectors.


Refund rules:

Tickets purchased in advance can be refunded before its validity period, in case the price of the ticket exceeds the handling fee. (detailed regulation).


Further information

The ticket must be presented at the time of ticket inspection and handed over at the request of the person carrying out the check.

Please find information on the MÁV app, the usage, refund and exchange of tickets to be purchased in the MÁV app, here.

Please find the ticket-related other information here.

Please find information here on the suburban railway tariff system.