Block of 10 tickets


What are the rules for using this fare product?

The block of ten tickets contains 10 single tickets. The individual tickets can be used separately and are valid for a one-way single trip. Trip interruptions, transfers and return trips are not permitted. Transferring between the metro lines is possible if going in one direction (return trips in the opposite direction are not allowed).


For what services is the ticket valid?

Within the administrative boundaries of Budapest for almost all BKK services and suburban buses (lines 1-99, 101-299, 900-999, M1, M2, M3, M4, D14), on HÉV suburban railway lines H5, H6, H7, H8, H9 and on designated regional services of VOLÁNBUSZ This ticket is not valid on the 100E Airport Express.


Ticket validation – paper tickets

On the metro network (lines M1, M2, M3 and M4), the single ticket must be validated with a validating machine at the metro station entrance before you start your trip by entering the paying zone beyond the row of validators. On all other services, ticket validation must be done upon boarding the vehicle or upon departure at the latest. If you need to transfer to a replacement vehicle (e.g. in the event of service cancellation, breakdown, track closure), you can continue your journey with the ticket already validated, but you must re-validate the ticket by stamping its end without the number grid, with the validator aboard the replacement vehicle.


Ticket validation – mobile ticket

When boarding a metro line or a line with front-door-only-policy, please scan the QR code or when using the BudapestGO app, touch your smart phone on the NFC sticker. After scanning, present the animated image to the staff or, if asked by the ticket inspector, click on the ticket details and show the code there. For more information and video on how to use the digital single ticket, please click here and please click here on information about the one-step ticket validation. 


Illustration: how to use single tickets


Validity period

In case the ticket is validated by stamping, the journey is valid for 80 minutes from the time of its validation on the vehicle on which the ticket is validated, or 120 minutes on night services. This means that a single, one-way trip without transfers (except on the metro network) or stopovers must be completed by the end of this period at the latest.


Sales points

Download the free BudapestGO app or any digital ticketing app and buy your mobile ticket online.

You can find the further sales locations with the BKK Sales Point Finder search tool.


Refund rule

You can get a refund for your unused tickets (please find the detailed regulation here).

You can use the digital single ticket purchased in the mobile app for one year from the time of purchase.


Further information

The single tickets of the block is on sale only together and it is available only as a block. The tickets (regardless of block type) are valid for travel separately, as well.

The ticket must be shown upon ticket inspection, and must be handed over when requested by the inspector. When purchasing a mobile ticket, the animated symbol or code must be presented, as described by ticket validation rules.

An active internet connection is required to use the mobile ticket. Please find more information on mobile phone apps and on the terms of use, replacement and refund of the mobile tickets here.

The price of the block of ten tickets is modified to HUF 4,000 from 1 September 2023. Tickets purchased for HUF 3,000 can be used for travel until 31 August 2024; between the period of 1 September and 30 November 2024, they can be exchanged to single tickets at the current price without a handling fee, but upon payment of the price difference, furthermore they can be also refunded until 30 November 2024, upon payment of a handling fee. After that period, the block of ten tickets purchased for HUF 3,000 will no longer be allowed to be used for travel, be exchanged or be refunded. The aforementioned exchange and refund are carried out by customer service centres, in case all of the ten (numbered consecutively) unused tickets are available. In case of partially-used tickets, only exchange is possible at the customer service centre at Kelenföld on working days between 9:00 and 17:00. The value to be credited is HUF 300 for each non-validated ticket from the same block. Block of ten tickets with a price of HUF 3,000 are considered the following: those with a price of HUF 3,000 on each ticket printed on a thermal paper, but without a price indication, those printed on a purple paper with the BKK logo, but without a year, or with one of the years 2013-2016, those printed on orange paper with a price of HUF 3,000 on the cover.