Metropolitan area single ticket (90 % price discount)

Valid for a single uninterrupted trip without transfer on regional bus services between a terminus in a town of the Budapest metropolitan area and the first bus stop within the administrative boundaries of Budapest. Validity period is 60 minutes after stamping. Please present and hand your ticket over if requested by the inspector.

Not valid for local transport (i.e. for travel within metropolitan area towns).

This ticket type is sold by ticket offices, customer service centres, TVMs as well as by regional bus drivers who issue it on VOLÁNBUSZ ticket paper.

Please find more information here on the refund rule.

The price of the "Metropolitan area single ticket (90 % price discount)" has changed from 25 HUF to 40 HUF as of 1 July 2023. Tickets purchased for 25 HUF can be used for travel until 30 June 2024. Unused tickets can be exchanged for tickets at the current price at BKK customer service centres between 1 July 2024 and 30 September 2024, with the payment of the price difference and without a handling fee. Until 30 September 2024, it is also possible to get a refund. The replacement or refund of tickets issued by Volánbusz Zrt. is not handled by BKK Zrt.; customers can request it from Volánbusz Zrt.