Quarterly Budapest-pass for students (available for EU citizens with an EU student ID)

negyedéves Budapest-bérlet felsőoktatásban tanulóknak minta


What are the rules for using this fare product?

It entitles you to unlimited travel within its validity period.

The pass is to be used together with a valid student ID issued for students in higher education attending full-time or evening courses. In case of using an international (EU, EEA or Swiss) student ID EU, EEA or Swiss nationality is required. In case of holding a Hungarian student ID, there is no requirement of nationality.


For what services is the pass valid?

Within the administrative boundaries of Budapest for almost all BKK services and suburban buses (lines 1-99, 101-299, 900-999, M1, M2, M3, M4, D14), on HÉV suburban railway lines H5, H6, H7, H8, H9, as well as on trains of MÁV-START in 2nd class (except on trains with supplementary charges, but if the journey is only within Budapest, you can take any train and you do not need to pay a seat reservation), and on designated regional services of VOLÁNBUSZ.

This pass is not valid on the 100E Airport Express.


Ticket validation – paper tickets

No separate validation required after purchase.


Ticket validation – digital tickets

As you enter the metro station or board a street-level transport vehicle through the front door, scan the QR code or hold your phone in front of the NFC-sticker when using the BudapestGO app. After scanning, present the animated image to the staff or, if asked by the ticket inspector, click on the ticket details and show the code there. For more information and a video tutorial on how to use the passes, click here, and on one-step ticket validation, click here.


Quarterly Budapest-pass for students (higher education)


Validity period

From 00:00 (midnight) on the selected starting day (but not earlier than the time of purchase) until 02:00 in the morning on the 100th day after the start date.  


Photo ID required for use

The pass must be used with one of the student ID cards described in detail in the "Further information" section. It must be used together with the original photo ID card provided at the time of purchase (no copy/scan of the photo ID accepted).


Is the pass transferable?



Sales points

Download the free BudapestGO  app or any digital ticketing app and buy your mobile ticket online.

You can find the further sales locations with the BKK Sales Point Finder search tool.


Refund rule

You can get a refund for your unused tickets (please find the detailed regulation here).


Further information

The pass must be presented at the time of ticket inspection and handed over at the request of the person carrying out the check.

When using a pass purchased in the form of a mobile ticket, the animated image or code must be presented as described in the section on ticket validation.

If the paper pass is damaged or the number of the photo ID has changed, it will be exchanged for a new pass of the same type and validity at the designated place for a handling fee, details here. It is forbidden to remove the barcode and the serial number from the pass. The pass will not be replaced if it is lost!

The digital pass becomes valid for travel 2 minutes after successful purchase.

An active internet connection is required to use the mobile ticket.

You can find out about the advance purchase rules here.

Please check the validity rules of passes, the MÁV-START trains and VOLÁNBUSZ buses here.

Accepted types of student ID:

  • a valid Hungarian student ID and in case of students who are not in possession of a valid Hungarian student ID, a certificate containing a QR code issued by the educational institution in place of a student ID according to the relevant government decree on certificates used in education (starting from the age of 14, the certificate is valid together with a photo ID)
  • the student appendix of the “Magyar igazolvány” and “Magyar hozzátartozói igazolvány” certificates or of their supplements
  • In the case of students from EU, EEA Member States or Switzerland as well as family members with a residence card or permanent residence card issued in Hungary with the word “családtag” printed on it, attending regular or evening courses in one of those states: student ID issued by the relevant state, international student ID (ISIC). Only Hungarian student IDs can be used to verify pupil or student status at an educational institution in Hungary. Please note that international student IDs that also function as bankcards will not be accepted!

Main rules of using non-Hungarian student IDs; minimal requirements:

  • The ID must be a paper-based or card-format document whose original needs to be used for travel and be presented for control (a photo/photocopy of the ID is not accepted!) and it must be clearly visible that it is a student ID (and not a library card or a dormitory access card etc.)
  • Some foreign student IDs might be issued as a bankcard or as a combined card, but not the international (ISIC) card, which will be accepted only as a separate card and only if it shows the name of a school with a seat outside Hungary
  • The ID must have a photo of the holder along with a unique identifying number, otherwise a photo ID must be used together with the student ID
  • The ID must show both the student’s and the school’s name
  • The ID must have the validity period, a validating sticker or date of issue on it

Student travel discounts apply during the validity period of the student ID, but the latest until the following dates:

  • the expiry date of the monthly pass with a start date in October, in the case of student IDs valid for the whole school year or for the second semester
  • the expiry date of the monthly pass with a start date in March, in the case of student IDs valid for the first semester of the school year.

The certificate issued by the educational institution in place of a student ID in accordance with the appendix of Government Decree 362/2011 (XII.30.) is only valid together with a photo ID in the case of persons above the age of 14.

The appropriate foreign and international student IDs are accepted during the indicated validity periods; student passes purchased with a start date during the ID validity period can be used the latest for a month from the last day of validity of the given student ID. If the validity period is indicated only by month and year, then the last day of that month will be considered. If no expiry date (or school year/semester) is indicated on the foreign student ID through printing, a sticker or any other method, then the ID is accepted until 31 October following the semester in which the student turned 16 years of age.

Students over age 16 can use a student ID without an indicated date of expiry depending on the way the time of card issue is marked on the student ID:

  1. if the date of issue is shown (e.g. 01.09.2022), then the student ID can be used for 1 year from the date of issue (in this example, until 31.08.2023)
  2. if the school year of card issue is shown (e.g. 2022/2023), then the student ID can be used until 31 October following the school year (in this example, until 31.10.2023).

Please note that an expired student ID will not be accepted for travel even if the linked student pass is still valid, that is, the validity period of the pass has not yet expired. If no date of issue (school year) is indicated at all, the ID is not accepted as a student ID.

In case no number or photo is shown on the accepted foreign student ID, but the indicated data thereon can be clearly matched with a personal identification document, then the student ID is valid with the latter document. In case no number is available on the student ID, the number of the personal identification document needs to be provided at the time of purchase. The foreign student ID is accepted only if it is a separate document i.e. it is not printed onto a bankcard or any other card issued by a business venture.