Bicycle pass

The bicycle pass is available for all types of passes with the exception of the dog pass and the heritage transport service pass. At the time of purchase, the number of the appropriate ID (for instance, the general pass ID) are printed onto the pass. The bicycle pass can be purchased with any starting date and it is valid for the indicated period (one month). At the time of travel, both the bicycle pass and the matching pass (e.g. a Budapest-pass) must be valid. The bicycle pass can be purchased for documents entitling free travel, as well. Please note however that if you are using a ticket for travelling, you require an extra ticket for transporting the bicycle, a bicycle pass will not be accepted.

For detailed information on the lines, vehicles and periods designated for transporting bicycles, see the information on bikes on board. The bicycle pass is valid on the full length of the lines even if they cross the administrative boundaries of the city.

Refund rule: only refundable before the start of validity, see details here.

Please find more information at the following links concerning advance purchase rules and validity periods indicated on the passes.