Bicycle pass

Bicycle pass


What are the rules for using this fare product?

It is valid for the on-board unlimited transport of one bicycle within the validity period. Passengers transporting a bicycle must also have a separate valid passenger pass or other document entitling them to free travel. If you are travelling with a ticket, you can only use a ticket to transport your bicycle, not a bicycle pass.


For what services is the pass valid?

For detailed information on the routes, vehicles and periods designated for bicycle transport, please see Bikes on board. The bicycle pass is valid within the administrative boundaries of Budapest. 


Ticket validation – paper tickets

No validation is required after purchase.


Ticket validation – mobile tickets

At front-door-only-policy vehicles, please scan the QR code or in case of using the BudapestGO app, touch your smart phone to the NFC sticker. After scanning, present the animated image to the staff or, if asked by the ticket inspector, click on the ticket details and show the code there. Please find more information and video on the usage of passes here and on the one-way validation here.


Bicycle pass


Validity period

Valid from 00:00 (midnight) on the indicated start date (but not earlier than the time of purchase) until 02:00 in the morning on the same day of the following month. For detailed information on the routes, vehicles and periods designated for bicycle transport, please see Bikes on board.


Photo ID required for use

To be used with the same ID with which the passenger uses his/her own pass, and in the case of persons entitled to free travel, the number of the free travel certificate must be provided when purchasing a Bicycle pass. It must be used together with the original ID provided at the time of purchase (no copy/scan of the ID accepted).


Is the pass transferable?



Sales points

Download the free BudapestGO  app or any digital ticketing app and buy your mobile ticket online.

You can find the further sales locations with the BKK Sales Point Finder search tool.


Refund rule

You can get a refund for your unused tickets (please find the detailed regulation here).


Further information

The pass must be presented at the time of ticket inspection and handed over at the request of the person carrying out the check. When purchasing a mobile ticket, the animated symbol or code must be presented, as described by ticket validation rules.

During the trip the bike pass and the pass with the same photo ID issued for the passenger carrying the bike (e.g. Budapest-pass) or the certificate entitling to free travel must be valid.  

If the paper pass is damaged or the number of the photo ID has changed, it will be exchanged for a new pass of the same type and validity at the designated place for a handling fee, details here. It is forbidden to remove the barcode and the serial number from the pass. The pass will not be replaced if it is lost!

You can find out about the advance purchase rules here and about the validity period here.