Transferable annual Budapest-pass

Valid from 0:00 on 1 January 2022 (but from the time of purchase at the earliest) to 2:00 on 6 January 2023 within the administrative boundaries of Budapest on lines 1-99, 101-299, 900-999, City-trolleybus, M1, M2, M3, M4, H5, H6, H7, H8, H9, D14, on designated commute services of MÁV-START national railways and VOLÁNBUSZ regional bus lines. It is valid on lines D2, D11 and D12 on workdays only. The pass is issued in a 12-slip format, with each slip valid for one calendar month from 00:00 of the first day of the given month until 2:00 of the first day of the following month (except for the December slip which is valid until 02:00 on 6 January). The transferable pass is valid for the holder. The pass is available for purchase only by state or municipal budgetary institutions or their fully or majority owned businesses or by fully or majority state owned or municipal business organisations. Passes that have been damaged will be exchanged for the same type of pass by paying a handling fee at the designated locations. In case of an exchange, non-used and still valid slips will be revoked. Please present and hand over your pass slip valid for your trip if requested by the inspector.

Please note that we cannot replace lost passes.

Refund rule: only refundable before the start of validity, see details here.

Please find more information at the following links concerning advance purchase rules.