Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay when I present a valid pass with a matching ID card?

For using our services, buying a pass is not sufficient: during inspection, it must be presented and handed over to the ticket inspectors, along with the matching photo ID, such as a pass ID, student ID, personal ID card, passport or card-format driving license. In case you were not able to show your pass and the matching ID to our colleague, the penalty fare is legitimate. However, you can also settle your penalty fare subsequently and for a decreased amount, within 5 workdays from its issuance, at one of the designated BKK Customer Services Points listed under the General Information section above, by presenting the pass or travel document along with the matching ID and by paying an administration fee. The payment of the administration fee is mandatory, as the penalty fare process generates expenses for our Company.


What should I do if I cannot obtain or validate the certificate proving the use of the discount within the deadline for the subsequent pass presentation?

Subsequent pass presentation can be done with documents (valid pass and valid photo ID, travel document entitling free travel) that were already in the possession of the passenger at the time of the inspection, but the passenger could not present it on the spot. According to the regulations, the deadline available for the subsequent pass presentation – 5 working days after the penalty fare – is not used to replace or obtain the missing documents.


What happens if I ignore the payment notice?

A passive behavior on the behalf of the passenger does not prevent the initiation of further steps concerning debt recovery. In order to avoid the increase of debt and other legal consequences, it is advisable to respond to the payment notice and to contact the sender. If, despite of the payment notice, the payment is not fulfilled, in order to settle and recover the legitimate claims, BKK initiates the issuance of a payment order and, if necessary, turns to an executor. In this case, all additional costs must be borne by the debtor (procedural fee, lawyer’s fees, postal fees and interest up to the date of payment).

The issuance of payment orders is initiated electronically through the Hungarian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries, the system appoints the acting notary regardless of the debtor's place of residence. In enforcement proceedings, the bailiff is determined on the basis of the jurisdiction of the debtor's place of residence.

If the payment order is not received by the addressee, there will be the presumption applicable to all delivery of official documents (i.e. we will assume that you have received and read the document), on the basis of which further debt recovery steps will be initiated. In a legal proceeding as a person liable for the payment of the penalty fare, you cannot refer to the fact that you did not take delivery of the payment order due to your conduct or your own negligence.

If the recovery of the claim has already been handed over by BKK to the recovery enforcement organisation, you have the opportunity to reconcile or settle the penalty fare debt at that organisation.


Why can't I reconcile all data over the phone? Why can't I query about other person’s data?

In order to protect your personal data (taking into account the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation), giving information over the phone is only possible if the competence of the interested person is clearly identified on the basis of personal data.


What do I do if the person fined no longer lives where I do, and I don’t know his/her new address?

Letters of formal notice are sent to the address provided by the person fined or registered with KEKKH (Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services). If the debtor no longer lives at the address provided, please let us know the debtor’s last known address in writing. You also have the possibility to apply for a coercive cancellation of address, or you can file a police report due to misuse of a document.


What should I do if my documents have been stolen (lost) and/or my data are being abused?

In light of the circumstances of your penalty fare issuance, we suggest you contact the police on account of the abuse of personal data and/or personal documents and then send the copy of the report to our Company (by post to BKK Zrt. 1241 Budapest, Pf. 200., or via e-mail to [email protected]).


I had no penalty fare case, my data is being misused, I am innocent. Why should I go to the police?

If your personal data (documents) has been misused during a penalty fare case, our claim against you will be based on your personal data. Misuse of personal information is a crime committed by the person who provided your information as their own to your detriment. Accordingly, only you can file a complaint in order to clear yourself. We will help you to the best of our ability, but we do not have the opportunity to act on behalf of a third party.


I didn't get a letter of formal notice, will they send me one?

Already during the penalty fare process – as a first notice – you will receive a cheque and information from the ticket inspector, in which you can find in detail the rules for settling the penalty fare and the consequences if you fail to do so. The letter of formal notice will be sent after the 30 days that is provided for the settlement of the penalty fare. According to the current Fare Policy, the amount of the penalty fare debt changes after 30 days: it increases with late and procedural fees. The letter of formal notice may be sent by our Company or by our contractual partners (law firms involved in debt recovery, debt enforcement companies).


I was fined, I admit it, but my financial means are limited. Can I apply for leniency?

If the conditions described in detail in the current Business Policy are met, then yes. However, please note that accepting the application does not constitute a positive assessment. Assessment is done individually, but on the basis of uniform principles and standards. We can reduce the burden of the payment obligation by fulfilling the penalty fare debt in instalments or by providing deferred payment. It is advisable to attach the documents substantiating the request to the application as soon as it is submitted.

If you have already received a payment order but it has not yet become final, you have the opportunity to submit a request for instalment payment to the person dealing with the case. After the payment order has become final, in justified cases, you can submit the instalment payment request to the claim holder, to BKK. In view of the fact that the activity related to the management of the penalty fare claims of BKK Zrt. is performed by BÖK Kft., in order to speed up the administration, please contact BÖK Kft. directly.

In the case of a claim in the enforcement phase, you must seek the competent bailiff with your claim for instalment payment.


In case of penalty fare for an underage child, will the parent receive the formal notice?

From our point of view, if an underage child is already allowed to use our Company’s services independently based on the decision of the legal representative, then in case of violating the Travel Terms and Conditions, the child can also receive a penalty fare as well. Our Company assumes the relationship of trust between parent and child, so if a penalty fare has been issued, then the underage child will inform his or her legal representative about the resulting payment obligations and will hand over the information leaflet about the responsibilities and options of paying the penalty fare, along with the payment slip (cheque), thus enhancing the timely payment of the penalty fare at a lower cost.

During the penalty fare process, the inspector can only register the child’s data because he or she is the passenger receiving the penalty fare. In addition, the underage passenger has no document that can verify the exact name and address of the legal representative. Accordingly, we can send the formal payment notice only to the legal representative of the underage child. Payment notices will be sent to the legal representative after the 30-day-period available for paying the basic penalty fare, but at that point the notice will show an increased amount including the penalty fare, the late payment and administration fees.


In the case of a payment order, what is the amount to be paid and how can the debt be settled?

In the case of a final payment order, you must also pay the additional fees and costs specified by law. The amount to be paid on the basis of the payment order consists of the penalty fare claim (basic penalty fare, late and procedural fee), as well as the procedural fee advanced by our company, legal advice or attorney's fee and default interest up to the day of payment. The payment order contains the payment obligation item by item and in total, with the exception of interest. The amount of interest payable can be calculated from the amount of the basic claim, expiry and payment date.

The payment order contains the bank account number of BKK where you can make the payment. Be sure to include the name of the debtor and the case number of the payment order in the remark field.


From what age does a child need a validation sticker for the student ID?

According to section 1 of paragraph 37 of Government Decree 362/2011 (XII.30.) on Educational Identification Documents, the student cards of students who are subject to compulsory education is valid even without a validation sticker until 31 October of the academic year in which the student reaches the upper mandatory school age. The upper mandatory school age is specified in paragraphs 45 (4) and 97 (1) of Act CXC of 2011 on National Public Education.


How should I have known what to do after the issuance of the penalty fare?

Our ticket inspectors will inform you on the spot during the penalty fare procedure. In addition to the penalty fare payment cheque you received from them, you also get a detailed information leaflet that contains the penalty fare settlement options (subsequent pass presentation, cheque payment, transfer, payment at one of the designated BKK Customer Service Points indicated in the General Information).


Where and how can I complain about a penalty fare? Can I apply for leniency?

In order to settle the penalty fare debt, a request for deferred payment or instalment payment can be requested by post, after filling in a form that can be downloaded from our website, or by e-mail. The application can also be submitted at one of BKK’s Customer Service Points indicated in the General Information or at the customer service of BÖK Kft.

In addition, you may submit a complaint or request for leniency regarding the penalty fare in writing to the contact information under General Information, by post or by e-mail.


Why don't we fine the homeless?

Our ticket inspectors are obliged to take action against the homeless as well, who use our services ineligibly and who do not comply with the Travel Terms and Conditions. However, dealing with the issue of homelessness and other social phenomena is not the responsibility of BKK, but of the local government. On the basis of the amendment of Act LXIII of 1999 adopted on 6 December 2010, the employees of the Municipality of Budapest Law Enforcement Directorate (FÖRI) protect the condition of public transport vehicles and assist (legitimise) our ticket inspectors performing public duties (administration of personal data, exclusion of ineligible passengers from travel).


Information on Data Management

BKK’s data management information on penalty fares is available on our website.