Application for Leniency

If you think we have failed to take into account any reasonable circumstances in your penalty fare process, or if we have not charged you the penalty fare fairly, you should submit an application for leniency. You can use our Application Form: fill it in and send it to us.

  • by email to [email protected],
  • or by post to 1241 Budapest, Pf. 200,
  • or visit one of our Customer Service Centres and bring it with you.

The application may be submitted by the passenger liable for payment or his/her authorised representative, or in the case of an underage child, by his/her legal representative within three months following the notification for payment demand.


Application for Leniency

Formal requirements

In whatever way you deliver your Application Form for Leniency, all data indicated in the Form is required to be provided, such as:

  • name (birth name)
  • your home address
  • your postal address
  • place and date of birth
  • mother’s name
  • photo ID number
  • address card number (Hungary)
  • date(s) of issue of the penalty fare
  • the case number of the penalty fare process (case number or correspondence reference number)
  • amount of the penalty fare
  • your phone number
  • the grounds - supported by credible documents - for your leniency request
  • in case of a request for instalment payment, the acceptable duration of the plan


How do we make a decision about your leniency request?

By submitting your Application Form for Leniency, you acknowledge that the person entitled to grant leniency will examine all documents related to the penalty fare case and make a decision taking into account all the circumstances and regulations in force. Based on the penalty fare case registry, we can review and make more exact the amount of your penalty fare. We will notify you about the assessment of your application by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt. Please note that the conditions specified in our letter are to be considered as a formal agreement.

The submission of the application does not guarantee an automatic exemption from the payment of the penalty fare due at the time of the submission, nor does it guarantee a deferred payment of the debt. In the event of a rejection of a leniency request, the current penalty fare amount at the time of the rejection must be paid.

Please note that in case you do not meet the deadlines for the penalty fare settlement set in the assessment of your application, then BKK requests the issuance of a payment order in order to collect the legitimate claims registered in the penalty fare registry system, as specified in BKK’s Business Policy. In the case of penalty fares affected by a final payment order or court decision or submitted for enforcement, BKK cannot provide further leniency.

Please note that there is a 30-day period available for BKK from the date of the submission in order to review leniency requests and to send a response. If it is not possible to assess and respond to the application within the 30-day deadline, we will inform you by letter before the deadline expires, which will extend the deadline for response by a further maximum of 60 calendar days.

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