Application for Leniency

Debt collection on behalf of BKK Zrt. has been carried out by the Budapest Municipal Debt Management Company (BÖK Kft.), fully (100%) owned by BKK Zrt., since 1 April 2017.

The handling of debts in connection with the penalty fare cases handed over to the partners contracted for debt management is in the competence of the partner in a contractual relationship with BKK, thus leniency requests are to be sent to the entrusted partner.

In order to settle the penalty fare debt, a request for deferred payment or instalment payment can be requested by post, after filling in a form that can be downloaded from our website, or by e-mail. The application can also be submitted at one of BKK’s Customer Service Points indicated in the General Information or at the customer service of BÖK Kft.



The application may be submitted by the passenger liable for payment or his/her authorised representative, or in the case of an underage child, by her legal representative. The application sent by e-mail or post must also comply with the requirements and data content set out in the form. Applications sent electronically or by post which do not comply with the data content of the form and/or do not provide clear identification of the applicant/penalty fare case shall not be considered as a valid application for leniency. In such a case, BKK will send a request for rectification.

If BKK does not send the request for rectification to the applicant for any reason, this circumstance does not release the applicant from its obligation to settle the claim, and may not invoke it as an excuse from its obligation to pay the penalty fare. Requests must be completed in a way that they can be answered by post, i.e. the notification address must always be provided.

An application for leniency in relation to a penalty fare may be submitted within 3 months of the issuance of the penalty fare or payment notice. The request for leniency must contain the data necessary to identify the penalty fare case and the passenger who received the penalty fare (name, place and time of birth, mother's name), contact details (postal address, telephone number), the date of the penalty fare, the identification number, the reason for the request and supporting documents. In the case an underage child, it is also necessary to submit documents proving the financial and social status of the legal representative(s).

All current debts must be taken into account when assessing the application. The decision is to be made in respect of the full amount of the penalty fare claim at the time of application.

The person entitled to grant leniency will examine all documents related to the penalty fare case and make a decision taking into account all the circumstances.

The submission of the application does not guarantee an automatic exemption from the payment of the penalty fare due at the time of the submission, nor does it guarantee a deferred payment of the debt and nor does it oblige either BKK Zrt. or BÖK Kft. to make a positive assessment.

There is a 30-day period available from the date of the submission in order to review leniency requests and to send a response. If it is not possible to assess and respond to the application within the 30-day deadline, BKK Zrt. or BÖK Kft. will send an e-mail about the delay, thus extending the time limit for a reply by a maximum of 60 calendar days.

In the event of a rejection of a leniency request, the current penalty fare amount at the time of the rejection must be paid, taking into account the current fee rates – in case of payment within 30 days and beyond 30 days – set out in the Fare Policy currently in effect.

Further information related to the submission of the leniency application can be found in our Business Policy on our website.

Application for Leniency: