Violation of travel terms, penalty fares

When a customer violates BKK's travel conditions, our inspectors may issue a penalty fare. According to the Business Rules and the Fare Policy, a penalty fare of 25,000 HUF must be paid within 30 calendar days of the imposition of the surcharge by a customer who


  • who is travelling without a ticket, with an invalid ticket (not stamped/punched with a validating machine, expired, multiple validation), pass, travelcard, does not have any other valid document entitling him/her to travel, is using a discount without entitlement or cannot prove that s/he is entitled to a discount;
  • travels with a pass ID or student ID whose number (or the education identification number) is not indicated on the corresponding pass or electronic daily travelcard or is not indicated as prescribed, or the pass ID or student ID is not validated correctly;
  • cannot present the photo ID whose serial number is printed on the bicycle pass or his/her certificate entitling him/her to free travel, or - in the case of persons not entitled to free travel - the pass used for passenger transport;
  • cannot present the identity document assigned to his/her electronic travel document;
  • is travelling with a ticket or pass or another document entitling him/her to travel,
    • which has been falsified
    • which s/he cannot prove his/her ownership by means of the corresponding identity document (photo ID)
  • endangers the health of fellow passengers by unlawful conduct;
  • carries a dog, a bicycle or an oversized object without paying the prescribed fee or misuses the tickets or passes which may be purchased; carries a bicycle or an oversized object in a vehicle on which it is not permitted to be carried, whether or not s/he has a valid ticket or pass for the carriage of bicycles;
  • carries on the vehicle any article which cannot be carried as luggage, hand luggage or oversized items;
  • soiling the vehicle by himself/herself or by any hand luggage, oversize article or live animal which s/he is carrying;
  • activates the emergency alarm, emergency brake or door emergency opener without due cause;
  • does not comply with the other rules set out in the travel conditions.


A ticket inspector validating a ticket


It is worth paying the penalty fare on the spot

The 25,000 HUF penalty fare is reduced to HUF 12,000 if you pay it on the spot. The ticket inspector must always give you a receipt. You can always pay in cash, but if the inspector has a card terminal, you can also pay the penalty fare by bankcard.

You can also pay the 12,000 HUF on-the-spot penalty fare at one of our designated customer service centres within two working days of the fare being imposed. You can also pay by cash or bankcard.

Which are the designated customer service centres? You can find information about the services available in the customer service centres here.

You can also pay the 12,000 HUF penalty fare by bank transfer within two working days of it being imposed. The transfer should be made to BKK to the account number 10700024-67032082-52200005 at CIB Bank. In order to be identified, please indicate your name and one of the following identification numbers in the message field: cheque number, reference number, identification number, correspondence file number, order for payment case number, reminder letter number or date of issue of the penalty fare.


If you do not pay the penalty fare on the spot

If you do not pay the penalty fare on the spot, the ticket inspector initiates a penalty fare procedure, offering the option of deferred payment. In this case, the inspector is entitled to ask for the required personal data (name, mother’s name, date and place of birth) and also the address of the passenger. On the basis of these data, the ticket inspector fills in a “Penalty Fare Declaration”. It is not worth refusing to provide personal data, as the inspector may ask for the assistance of a police officer on the spot.

The ticket inspector will give you a cheque for the amount of the penalty fare and an information leaflet about payment options. You will need to sign to acknowledge receipt of these and to confirm that you have provided your personal details. It is worth knowing that refusal to do so does not exempt you from the consequences of the penalty fare.


What happens if you do not pay the penalty fare?


You should not delay paying your penalty fare, because the later you settle it, the larger the amount will be.


If you do not settle your debt within 30 calendar days of the penalty fare, you will have to pay a 50,000 HUF late payment penalty fare instead of the 25,000 HUF base penalty fare.


If you do not settle the penalty fare amount after 30 days, we will issue an order for payment to recover our legitimate claims. In the event of opposition to the payment order, the procedure will be converted into litigation. Enforcement proceedings may also be initiated on the basis of a final order for payment or of a final decision of the court convicting the customer resulting from the litigation.


We are also entitled to involve intermediaries in the management and collection of penalty fare claims, who, acting in the name of and on behalf of BKK, effectively enforce the claim. We reserve the right to transfer to a third party our legitimate claims for penalty fares in accordance with the current Civil Code provisions on assignment (Sections 6:193-201 of the Civil Code in effect and Sections 328-330 of the former Civil Code.). If we involve a third party in the enforcement of our penalty fare claim, we will transfer the data we process to the assignee or to the third party involved in the enforcement or collection of the penalty fare claim. In the event of non-payment of a penalty fare, we are entitled to charge the customer all the costs related to the recovery of the penalty fare, in addition to the amount of the penalty fare: legal fees, lawyers' fees, postage and interest until the date of payment.