Violation of travel terms, penalty fares

A penalty fare of 16,000 HUF must be paid within 30 days after the issuance of the penalty by customers who

  • attempt to travel without a ticket or with an invalid ticket (not validated with a validating machine; expired validity; multiple validation), pass or travel ID, is not in possession of a valid travel document or attempt to use a travel discount to which they are not entitled or cannot verify their entitlement to a discount
  • attempt to travel with a pass ID or student ID whose serial number (or the education ID number if the student wishes to use that number), is not indicated at all or not indicated as per the regulation on the pass; or the serial number of another ID is not indicated, or is not indicated in accordance with Point 3.3 of the Fare Policy or the pass ID or student ID is not filled out or is not properly validated or the departure and destination stations are not stamped on it
  • did not indicate the start of validity period on the coupons of the 5/30 BKK 24-hour travelcard according to the instructions, or indicated it in an erasable way, corrected it or validity is not clear for any other reason
  • abuse another person’s seven-day Budapest-travelcard
  • transport dogs, bicycles or oversized objects without paying the specified fee, or abuse the purchasable tickets or passes
  • cannot present a pass or the ID indicated on the bicycle pass or the verification for entitlement to free travel
  • transport bicycles or oversized objects on board a vehicle where it is not permitted
  • transport objects not transportable as package, hand luggage or oversized object
  • they themselves or their hand luggage, oversized object or live animal pollutes the vehicle
  • use the emergency alarm, emergency brake or emergency door-opener unjustifiably
  • do not comply with the Terms and Conditions of Travel



If you pay the penalty fare on the spot, the amount decreases from 16,000 HUF to 8,000 HUF. The ticket inspector must give you a receipt for the on-the-spot payment in all cases.
The inspector will accept HUF cash and if s/he has a bankcard terminal, then bankcards as well.

Retrospective payment of the on-the-spot penalty fare is possible – cash or bank transfer – within 2 working days after surcharging at one of the dedicated BKK customer points listed under the General Information section above.

If the passenger does not pay (cash or bankcard) the fine on the spot, the ticket inspector initiates a penalty fare procedure, offering the option of deferred payment. In this case the inspector is entitled to ask for the required personal data (name, mother’s name, date and place of birth) and also the address of the passenger. On the basis of these data, the ticket inspector fills in a Penalty Fare Report. If the passenger refuses to provide personal data, the ticket inspector is entitled to ask for on-site police assistance.

The ticket inspector gives a cheque for the amount of the penalty fare and an information leaflet about payment options. The passenger needs to sign a document of receipt for the penalty fare cheque along with consent to the disclosure of personal data. The refusal by the passenger to sign the document or to accept the cheque means no exemption from the penalty fare procedure.

In case the passenger is in possession of a pass and a matching ID (pass ID, student ID, personal photo ID, passport or card-format driving licence) or bicycle pass that was valid at the time of control having been purchased before, but was not presented or if the passenger has a travel document for free travel but it was not presented at control, the customer can settle penalty fare payment within 5 workdays from the issuance of the penalty fare at one of the dedicated BKK customer points listed under the General Information section above by presenting the pass or travel document, the document for free travel and paying the appropriate fee. The fee is 1,000 HUF for annual, semester and quarterly passes and travel documents for free travel and 2,000 HUF for all other types of passes. This option is available up to twice in each calendar year; this restriction does not apply to discounted annual and annual Budapest-passes. In case of passengers with travel documents for free travel, the fee increases to 2,000 HUF after the second occasion.

A pass purchased after the issuance of a penalty fare is not accepted for presentation not even if the validity starts on the day of penalty, but the purchase time is later than the time of penalty.

If the passenger is entitled to free travel according to the applicable Government Regulation, but cannot prove it during ticket control, he or she can present the original documents verifying entitlement at the time of surcharging, within 5 workdays from the issuance of the penalty fare at one of the dedicated BKK customer points listed under the General Information section above. In this case, the penalty process will be canceled for a procedure fee. The procedure fee in each calendar year for the first two times is 1,000 HUF and 2,000 HUF for any further cases.

If the ticket inspector keeps the pass/pass ID after control, the option of later presentation is not available.

The passenger who does not pay the penalty fare of 16,000 HUF within 30 days is obliged to pay an additional 16,000 HUF as a late payment fee and an administration fee of 500 HUF, i.e. a total of 32,500 HUF.

If this amount is not paid either, BKK Zrt. will initiate an order for payment. If the order for payment is contested, the procedure will be turned into a lawsuit. Based on the final order for payment or the final court ruling resulting in the passenger’s conviction, BKK Zrt. may initiate an enforcement procedure as well.

BKK Zrt. is entitled to involve a third party in the management and collection of penalty fare claims to act instead and on behalf of BKK Zrt. BKK Zrt. reserves the right to assign its valid claims to a third party based on Paragraphs 6:193-201 of The Civil Code in effect and paragraphs of 328-330 of the former Civil Code. The passenger gives his or her consent to BKK Zrt. to transfer the managed passenger data to a third party in the event that BKK Zrt. involves or assigns a third party in debt management and collection.

BKK Zrt. is entitled to charge, in addition to the penalty fare amount, all costs incurred in connection with the debt collection process (administration fee, lawyer’s fee, cost of postage and interest up to the day of payment) to the passenger.