Penalty Fare Assistant system

If you were charged a penalty fare during your journey and you voluntarily provided your email address during the data registration process, our Penalty fare Assistant system will send you an email with information on the best way to settle your current penalty fare debt, payment deadlines and options. You can now settle your penalty fare debt using SimplePay online payment by bankcard.


A ticket inspector

Our ticket inspectors offer to record the email address of customers who voluntarily agree to provide it during the penalty fare procedure, so they will receive reminders by email with the latest information on the penalty fare:


  • Immediately after your details have been registered, we will send you a message about the possibility of making a discounted payment within two working days: in this case, the 25,000 HUF penalty fare will be reduced to 12,000 HUF. We will also send you information about the penalty fare process and data protection.
  • On the fifteenth day after the penalty fare was imposed, we will send you a reminder informing you of the amount you currently owe and how it will increase after the 30th day.
  • The last information notice will be sent on the twenty-eighth day after the penalty fare was issued, again informing you of the possibility of paying the lower amount of 25,000 HUF and that the base penalty fare will increase to 50,000 HUF on the thirty-first day of the issue of penalty fare.



If you use our penalty fare assistant service, you can also settle your debt conveniently using the SimplePay online payment solution.