Airport shuttle bus (busline 100E) running more frequently for a longer period

Budapest, 9 September 2021 – From 11 September (Saturday), the Airport Shuttle Bus (Busline 100E) departs more frequently and is in service for a longer period, making a convenient and direct connection between Budapest’s city centre and Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport. A special fare in the amount of HUF 900, the price of a ticket, applies for this bus service.

Due to the mitigation of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of air flights departing from and arriving at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport has been significantly increased, as a parallel of which, also the airport’s passenger traffic increased. Simultaneously, there has been a growing demand by customers to use busline 100E and many passengers opt for public transport services to reach the city centre or the airport. BKK’s transport experts monitor and analyse Budapest’s transport on a continuous basis: the data indicate that calculated from 14 June (when this line was relaunched), the number of passengers quadrupled by the end of July and increased circa fivefold by the end of August, compared to the middle of June.

To address and mitigate the overcrowding in lines and provide convenient services to customers, from 11 September (Saturday), BKK runs this line more frequently: during daytime, buses are departing from the terminuses every 20 minutes, instead of 30 minutes; significantly more frequently. Adjusted to the schedules of air flights, the schedules of busline 100E are extended: the first bus departs from Deák Ferenc tér at 3:30 and from the airport at 4:10, while the last bus departs from the city centre at 0:00 and from the airport at 0:35, making direct city connections to air flights departing in the very early mornings and late evenings. The line’s running time between the city centre and Liszt Ferenc International Airport is 30-40 minutes.

To the airport, buses stop only at Kálvin tér (to provide easier transfer from night services, the Airport shuttle buses stop also at Astoria at 3:32 and 4:02), while transfer points are at Kálvin tér and Astoria from buses running to Deák Ferenc tér.

A special fare in the amount of HUF 900, the price of a ticket, applies for the service of busline 100E. The ticket valid for the Airport shuttle bus can be purchased conveniently in a contactless way even via the Public Transport Mobile Ticket app downloadable on a smart phone. There is detailed information on the mobile ticket to be used in the Hungarian capital at the following website:

Please find further information on the Airport shuttle bus (busline 100E) service at BKK’s website. Please find the bus’s detailed schedule here.