How to buy
and use
your 100E mobile ticket, Budapest 24-hour, 72-hour or 7-day mobile ticket

The mobile ticket is a Budapest public transport ticket or pass purchasable through a mobile application. As a pilot project from June 2019, the mobile ticket was first offered for airport shuttle bus 100E, but from September 2019, you can also purchase 24-hour, 72-hour or 7-day travelcards as mobile tickets anytime, anywhere, even while waiting at the stop. All you need is a smart phone, the downloaded app (Android or iOS) and an active data connection. Please see the details below to find out about the simple purchase process and about how to use the mobile ticket.

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport aims to make ticket purchase simpler, more convenient and quicker through the introduction of the mobile ticket. Please try this new sales channel and send your feedback to [email protected] so we can learn from your experience. Thank you in advance.

Mobile ticket
Frequently Asked
What is the mobile ticket?
The public transport mobile ticket is a travel entitlement available for purchase through a mobile application.
What types of tickets and travelcards are available as a mobile ticket in the app?
As a mobile ticket, the following tickets and travelcards are available for purchase:
  • • Airport shuttle bus single ticket for busline 100E,
  • • 24-hour Budapest-travelcard,
  • • 72-hour Budapest-travelcard,
  • • Seven-day Budapest-travelcard.
What are the technical requirements for using the mobile ticket?
Passengers need a smart phone (with at least Android 5 or iOS 10 operating system), capable of running the downloaded mobile app adequately via an active data connection both during the purchase and travel.
How long is the purchased mobile ticket valid?
The airport shuttle bus single ticket for the airport shuttle busline 100E entitles to one trip and is required to be used within two years after purchase.
Travelcards issued as mobile tickets can be used within the same validity periods as their paper-based equivalents.
After purchase, can the mobile ticket be used immediately?
The travelcards issued as mobile tickets can be used for travel two minutes after successful payment.
Can the mobile ticket be purchased in advance?
Yes. The travelcards issued as mobile tickets can be purchased at least 30 days prior to the beginning of their validity period.
Are paper-based tickets no longer available after the introduction of the mobile ticket?
No, the mobile ticket is only a new sales channel, but it will not replace existing paper-based tickets and passes which will continue to be sold, as usual.
Is the mobile tickets accepted on the suburban railways, trams, the metro, trolleybuses and buses?
Please note that rules regarding the paper-based travelcards are applicable for their mobile counterparts, in accordance of which they entitle to unlimited number of trips within their validity period within Budapest on lines 1-99, 101-299, 900-999, CITY trolleybus, M1, M2, M3, M4, H5, H6, H7, H8, H9, D14; on selected trains of MÁV-START Hungarian State Railways and on designated suburban buses of the VOLÁN Companies; as well as on boat services D2, D11, D12, but on workdays only.
How can I request an invoice for my mobile ticket purchase?
An invoice is issued automatically for customer purchases on the first calendar day following the reference month, which are available and downloadable in the app, under the menu of our invoices. The system sends an automatic notification to the customer’s e-mail address once the invoice has been issued.
Can I get a refund for my unused mobile ticket?
Yes. There is a possibility in the application to get a refund for an unused and non-validated ticket. In this case, the price of the mobile ticket is credited back to the customer.
Can I replace my mobile ticket?
No. Mobile tickets cannot be replaced with another type of ticket or pass, but customers can get a refund for their unused or not validated tickets in the app.
Can a user buy mobile tickets for example for family members?
Yes. You can buy even 4-5 tickets at the same time for passengers travelling with you. It is important that upon travelling, the code displayed onboard the vehicle must be scanned ticket by ticket and the animated symbol indicated in the app must be presented to the driver or to the person carrying out the ticket inspection.
How to validate the 100E mobile ticket?
As you get on the bus, log in to the app and select the already purchased ticket, then click on the "Validate onboard" and scan the validation code displayed on the vehicle. After successful scanning, you must present the animated symbol indicated in the app to the driver or to the person carrying out ticket inspection.
How to use travelcards issued as mobile tickets along metrolines and on buses where the first-door-only-policy applies?
When you get onboard a bus where the first-door-only policy applies and enter the premises of the metro stations, please select the already purchased ticket. Please touch "Scan code for ride" and scan the code displayed onboard the vehicle. The appearing animated symbol needs to be shown to the driver.
How are tickets purchased through the app checked?
If inspectors are controlling tickets during your journey, please show the code linked to the valid ticket that is available by touching the icon to be found in the left bottom corner of the ticket.
What happens if I have a mobile ticket, but my mobile phone’s battery has gone dead?
It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that his or her phone is charged, the data connection is available and his/her device is suitable for ticket inspection. If the customer cannot present the valid mobile ticket for lack of one of the above, this being a front-door boarding only service, the driver may prevent the customer from getting on the bus in possession of the mobile ticket. In this case the passenger is entitled to buy a single ticket.
In case the passenger is unable to present his/her valid mobile ticket upon ticket inspection, the ticket inspector is authorised to issue a penalty fare during control. The fining procedure is identical to the one carried out in the case of paper-based tickets specified by BKK Zrt.’s Business Policy.
Can a passenger present a mobile ticket subsequently, after having been fined?
Yes. The mobile ticket can be presented at BKK’s Customer Service Centres designated for the fining cases within five working days calculated from the date when the fining case was launched. In case of the subsequent presentation, the passenger needs to present the penalty-fare payment mandate ("yellow cheque") along with the mobile ticket valid upon the fining case and the matching photo ID.
What to do in case the indicated ID number has changed?
In the event an ID expires and its number changes, please go to BKK’s Customer Service Centre where the requested modification is made after the new ID is presented.
What to do if I get a new phone or if the app gets reinstalled?
In these cases, the user account is not deleted, but as the purchased mobile tickets are linked to the mobile phone, they become inactive and cannot be used for travel in case a different phone is used, or if the app is reinstalled (or in case the phone settings change in a similar way). Linking of the tickets to a specific phone in the app – to a limited number – is possible; further occasions need to be requested at any BKK customer service centre.
Where can I give feedback about the mobile ticket?
Please send your feedback or questions about the mobile ticket to [email protected], call +36 1 3 255 255 or write a letter to BKK Zrt. at 1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 19–21. , or visit any BKK customer service centre. Regarding technical issues (such as the operation of the app, payment process, invoicing etc.), customers are advised to use the contact details indicated within the app (NM Zrt. in case of its own app, and later on the customer services of the different distributors in case of their apps).
The app displays the following error message: "The selected ticket is not valid on this line." What is the reason behind it and what to do in such cases?
Such an error message is displayed if you wish to use a ticket that is not valid for the given line, for example if you wish to use the metro services in possession of the Airport shuttle bus single ticket, as the Airport shuttle bus single ticket is valid only on the Airport shuttle bus line 100E. A similar case applies if you wish to use the service of the shuttle busline 100E in possession of the travelcard, as the travelcard is not valid on the shuttle bus. In case you are given this error message, please check whether you have selected the proper ticket to start your trip.
The app displays the following error message: "This ticket has been already validated on another line so this type of ticket can be used only on that line." What is the reason behind it and what to do in such cases?
This message can occur only on the Airport Shuttle bus line 100E, in case you wish to validate such a ticket that you have already validated on another busline 100E. Please note that the Airport shuttle bus single ticket is valid only for a single trip, hence, accordingly, the already-validated ticket cannot be used and is not valid on another line.
To whom does the mobile ticket belong and what kind of services are provided?
In the first phase, the mobile ticket can be purchased via the app of the National Mobile Payment Plc. (NM Zrt.) and later it can be available via other apps of other distributors when they enter the system. In the app of the NM Zrt., NM Zrt. sells the products to be purchased in its own name as an intermediary service. Further distributors which will enter the system will sell the product to be purchased in their own app operable by them, as an intermediary service. Thus, NM Zrt. carries out sales-related tasks for passengers and operates the mobile app. BKK Zrt’s Business Policy specifies the usage conditions of the purchased ticket and the Travel Terms and Conditions. In this regard, the passenger is in a legal relationship with BKK and the transport service providers.