How to buy
and use
your 100E mobile ticket

The mobile ticket is a Budapest public transport ticket or pass purchasable through a mobile application. As a pilot project from June 2019, the mobile ticket is first offered for airport shuttle bus 100E: you can purchase your mobile tickets anytime, anywhere, even while waiting at the stop. All you need is a smart phone, the downloaded app (Android or iOS) and an active data connection. Please see the details below to find out about the simple purchase process and about how to use the mobile ticket. Steps 2 and 3 might vary depending on the selected mobile app offered by different distributors.

For more important information on the mobile ticket, please visit this link.

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport aims to make ticket purchase simpler and more convenient through the introduction of the mobile ticket. Please try this new sales channel and send your feedback to [email protected] so we can learn from your experience. Thank you in advance.

Mobile ticket
Frequently Asked
What is the mobile ticket?
The public transport mobile ticket is a travel entitlement available for purchase through a mobile application. As a first step, the mobile ticket will be introduced from June 2019 on airport shuttle bus 100E.
Who is behind the mobile ticket, who offers this service and what is it exactly?
Initially, the mobile ticket can be purchased through the application provided by the National Mobile Payment Plc. (NM Zrt.), but later on, other distributors will offer further applications. NM Zrt. sells the airport shuttle bus single ticket in its own application – and distributors will sell it in their own applications – under their own name as an intermediary service, in other words, they perform sales activity to customers and operate the mobile application. BKK Centre for Budapest Transport’s Business Rules regulate ticket use and travel terms and thus the passenger will be in a contractual relationship with BKK and its transport service providers.
What are the requirements for using the mobile ticket?
Passengers need a smart phone (with at least Android 5 or iOS 10 operating system), capable of running the downloaded mobile app adequately via an active data connection. The purchased mobile ticket must be validated upon boarding.
How long is the purchased mobile ticket valid?
The airport shuttle bus single ticket bought in the form of a mobile ticket can be validated and used, or refunded, within two years after purchase. A price change during those two years will not affect the validity of already purchased tickets. After two years, the ticket is no longer accepted for validation or refund.
Will paper tickets be no longer available after the introduction of the mobile ticket?
No, the mobile ticket is only a new sales channel, but it will not replace existing paper-based tickets and passes which will continue to be sold as usual.
Will the mobile ticket be more expensive than the regular paper ticket?
No. According to the Fare Policy approved by the General Assembly of the Municipality of Budapest, there is no difference between the price of mobile tickets/passes and paper tickets/passes. No extra service fee is charged for mobile purchases.
Will the mobile ticket be accepted on the suburban railways, trams, the metro, trolleybuses and buses?
First, the airport shuttle bus single ticket for line 100E will be introduced as a pilot project. A decision will be made about further BKK mobile ticket types based on the gathered experience.
How can I request an invoice for my mobile ticket purchase?
In the application by NM Zrt., the service provider will issue an invoice for customer purchases on the first calendar day following the reference month, which are available under the customer’s registration. The system sends an automatic notification to the customer’s e-mail address once the invoice has been issued. Later on, further distributors will join to offer the mobile ticket in their own applications which might have different invoicing systems, but it will be ensured in all cases that if there is a need for an invoice, the application will issue one.
Can I get a refund for my unused mobile ticket?
Yes. There is a possibility in the application to get a refund for an unused and non-validated ticket. In this case, the price of the mobile ticket is credited back to the customer.
Can I replace my mobile ticket?
No. Currently only the airport shuttle bus single ticket will be offered as a mobile ticket, which cannot be replaced with another type of ticket or pass, but customers can get a refund for their unused tickets. It is not possible to replace a paper ticket with a mobile ticket or the other way round.
Can a single user buy multiple mobile tickets, for example for family members?
Yes. Customers can define in the app the quantity of tickets they wish to purchase, a number up to 10. This means that you can buy for instance 4-5 tickets at the same time for others travelling with you, but all those tickets must be validated and presented on board.
How are tickets purchased through the app checked?
Passengers must validate their purchased tickets upon boarding the bus by scanning the validation code on board. The appearing animated image needs to be shown to the driver, who checks it. If ticket inspectors get on board, passengers must present their unique validation codes on their phones, which will be checked by the inspectors using a special device.
What happens if I have a mobile ticket, but my mobile phone’s battery has gone dead?
It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that his or her phone is charged and the data connection is available. If the customer cannot present the purchased ticket for lack of one of the above, this being a front-door boarding only service, the driver may prevent the customer from getting on the bus without buying a paper ticket instead. Also, the ticket inspector will issue a penalty fare during control. The fining procedure is identical to the one carried out in the case of paper tickets.
How can customers who have no smart phone with an internet connection use the new service?
A mobile device and an active internet connection are essential parts of the mobile payment system, therefore without these, the purchase and use of a mobile ticket is not possible. However, paper tickets and passes are still available as before.
Can foreign tourists also use the mobile ticket?
Yes. Any customer with a downloaded Hungarian or English app on their phone can use the system if he or she can make a payment through the solution of the service provider (NM Zrt. or its distributor).
Where can I give feedback about the mobile ticket?
Please send your feedback or questions about the mobile ticket to [email protected], call +36 1 3 255 255 or write a letter to BKK Zrt. at 1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 19–21. , or visit any BKK customer service centre. Regarding technical issues (such as the operation of the app, payment process, invoicing etc.), customers are advised to use the contact details indicated within the app (NM Zrt. in case of its own app, and later on the customer services of the different distributors in case of their apps).