One ticket, more trips – time-based tickets available in the BudapestGO app from 1 March

Budapest, 1 March 2022 – From the first day of March, BKK customers will be able to travel with 30- and 90-minute time-based tickets. The new type of tickets, available in the BudapestGO app, can be used for multiple transfers and return trips. Time-based tickets can be used to complete any journey within Budapest that has started within the validity period, even if it lasts longer than 30 or 90 minutes. The new ticket types will only appear in BudapestGO after the app has been updated.

BudapestGO has only been available for two weeks, but the app is already evolving: from 1 March, BKK customers will be able to travel with time-based tickets. The digital-only product will be available in two versions at launch: a 30-minute ticket for 530 HUF and a 90-minute ticket for 750 HUF. For those who have already installed BudapestGO or its predecessor, the FUTÁR app, on their phone, they will need to update the app to make the new tickets available.


For whom is the time-based ticket a good choice?

Time-based fare products can be practical for those who do not a pass and only occasionally use public transport in Budapest.

  • 30-minute ticket (530 HUF)

A traditional piece of single ticket costs 350 HUF, but can only be used on one vehicle, except on the metro network. Therefore, if you only need to transfer between lines once - or travel back and forth on the same line - it is worth using the 30-minute ticket instead of two single tickets. The 30-minute ticket can also be a good alternative to the 530 HUF transfer ticket, if you want to make more than one transfer during your journey.

  • 90-minute ticket (750 HUF)

The 90-minute ticket is perfect for a trip with some errands, as its validity period may be enough to cover a round trip. Moreover, in some cases, it can be used for up to 120 minutes, as a journey started within the validity period can be completed within Budapest up to the final destination.

BKK has developed the initial fare structure and the most ideal conditions of use for its customers without any restrictions, based on the travel habits in Budapest, so that the time-based tickets offer a competitive alternative to the single ticket and the transfer ticket.


How to use time-based tickets?

Time-based tickets are only available in digital form, not in paper form. They work in the same way as mobile tickets.

Ticket purchase

Time-based tickets can be purchased in advance, including via the BudapestGO app. The product can be used for 2 years from the date of purchase. When purchasing, multiple tickets (up to nine tickets of one type) can be selected at the same time to be available immediately if needed.

Ticket validation

The ticket must be validated by scanning the code when boarding the vehicle or entering the metro station area. This must be done at each transfer, as it is the proof that you have boarded the vehicle within the time limit selected. BKK has already placed these code stickers on all its lines, as this was also necessary for the introduction of the digital single ticket. It is important to know that the ticket must be validated before the start of the journey, i.e. when boarding, as there is no code sticker in the passenger cabin of the vehicle (except for vehicles with the the front-door boarding only service). After the code is scanned, an animated image appears, this needs to be presented for inspection.

On which lines can they be used?

The time-based ticket is a type of ticket that can be used within Budapest, and is therefore accepted on suburban railway lines (H  ) and Volánbusz "blue" regional buses within the administrative boundaries of the capital. Unlike the classic single ticket, which many people know, these ticket types do not limit the number of transfers.

How long can I travel with them?

Time-based tickets allow you to complete any journey you start within the validity period, even if it lasts longer than 30 or 90 minutes. So, with a 30-minute ticket, you can board another BKK line for 29 minutes and 59 seconds, and with a 90-minute ticket, you can board another BKK line for 89 minutes and 59 seconds, and travel up to the final destination within Budapest. This means that in some cases, BKK customers can use a 30-minute ticket for up to 60 minutes and a 90-minute ticket for up to 120 minutes.

The BudapestGO app for purchasing time-based tickets can be downloaded by anyone from the App Store and Google Play store. More information on the conditions of use of time-based tickets can be found on the BKK website under Tickets and passes, and on BudapestGO at