BKK’s quarterly and annual passes on sale also in the mobile ticket app

Budapest, 3  May 2021. New items have been added  to the product range offered in the Budapest mobile ticket app. From 3 May 2021, also the quarterly and discounted annual Budapest-passes are purchasable through the mobile app downloaded on a smart phone and also the menu structure of the required apps are renewed. In accordance with BKK’s survey, passengers who give the mobile app a try have a good chance to get to like it: 71% of the users considers products available through a smart phone as good as their paper-based equivalents or considers them even better.


BKK’s customer satisfaction survey has revealed that passengers getting about in the Hungarian capital (Budapest) are pretty open to use the mobile ticket and have a demand for the availability of passes and travelcards also through smart phones. To meet this demand, from 3 May 2021, the discounted annual and quarterly Budapest-passes are added to and are available in the Public Transport Mobile Ticket App, the K&H mobile bank app, the Simple app and also in the VoxPay app and from August, 2021 also the Semester Budapest-passes for students and for pupils will be purchasable in the app.

It is worthwhile for passengers who are currently using their monthly pass on their mobile phone or those who usually purchase their paper-based pass on a monthly basis or for longer terms to switch to the mobile ticket version. In addition to the fact that it is practical to use the mobile ticket, passengers can use the quarterly pass nearly ten (10) days longer than three monthly passes, as the quarterly pass is valid for 100 days.

Besides the expansion of the product range, also the menu structure has been renewed in the mobile apps. The name of categories has become customer-friendly, helping the selection of tickets and passes. Passes for private entities and for companies are indicated in separate menu items. The most popular types of passes and travelcards are displayed at the top of the menu, in order they could be available more quickly.


How to use the mobile ticket?

The mobile ticket is far more practical in various aspects, compared to its paper-based equivalent. When purchasing the mobile ticket, there is no need to stand in queue at a customer service center or in front of a TVM, either. The mobile ticket can be purchased even while passengers are waiting for their line at a stop. Passengers using the mobile ticket are not location- and time-bound. The mobile ticket provides even contactless purchase, which is extremely safe during the pandemic. In addition, their usage is simple; solely the app required for the purchase (either the Public Transport Mobile Ticket app, the K&H mobile bank app, the Simple app, the Telenor Wallet or the VoxPay app) is necessary to be downloaded.

The usage of travelcards and passes purchased via a smart phone is the same as that of their paper-based equivalents. The only difference between a mobile ticket and its paper-based equivalent is that onboard vehicles where the front-door-only-policy applies and also at metro stations, when the mobile ticket is used, a code must be scanned with the smart phone and the appearing animation must be shown to the vehicle driver or to the control staff. In certain apps also the “Metro station” button can be used to activate the animation.

Besides the possibility of the mobile ticket, tickets and passes can be purchased at several sales points; at 14 customer service centres, at 8 ticket offices, at nearly 400 TVMs and at several vendors. Sales points can be found at the website: BKK Pontkereső

Further information on the usage of the mobile ticket can be found at the website: https://bkk.hu/mobileticket/