This is how you can get a refund for your unused 100E Airport shuttle bus single ticket

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport has offered refunds for unused 100E shuttle tickets since mid-July 2020. Hungarian and foreign customers alike can request a refund in person or electronically.

It is important to note that only those unused Shuttle bus single tickets can be refunded free of charge that were purchased before 2 October 2020.

Refunds in person

Customers can visit a BKK customer service centre  of their choice to get a full cash refund on the spot.

In-person refunds are possible only if the customer has not submitted a refund request in any other form.

Online refund process

Electronic refunds are available to both Hungarian and foreign citizens by sending an email to and by following the steps below:

  • tear the ticket in two while making sure that the serial number remains clearly visible
  • take a photo of the two pieces placed next to each other, but well separated
  • if the front-side serial number is not visible for some reason, the backside serial number needs to be photographed
  • please attach the photo to your request and send it to

Please also provide the following data in your email:

If originally cash was used to buy the ticket, please indicate the below:

  • bank account number
  • full name and address of bank account holder
  • in addition, if the transfer is received into a foreign account, please supply IBAN number and SWIFT code along with bank name and address.

Without the data listed above, BKK is unfortunately not in a position to transfer the requested amount.

If originally a bankcard was used to buy the ticket, please indicate:

  • last four digits of the bankcard
  • digital card number, if a digital card was used

This is needed to avoid abuses and to make sure that the rightful owner receives the amount on the bankcard which was used at the time of purchase.

Refund deadline

100E Airport shuttle bus single tickets purchased on or before 2 October 2020 will be refunded until 31 March 2021.

Passengers who do not wish to deal with the refund process can use their ticket for a later journey. In case of a later price change, the current ticket will remain valid for use for a year thereafter, and it can be replaced during another three-month period by paying the price difference.

Mobile tickets

Unused 100E tickets bought through the mobile app cannot be used for other services, but the mobile tickets can be refunded according to the payment solution applied by the app.

The deadline for using or refunding the mobile ticket is within two years from the time of purchase.