Public transport of deaf and hard-of-hearing persons

Travel discounts 

It is of paramount importance for BKK Zrt. that the company could help deaf and hard-of-hearing passengers, by providing free and discounted travels to deaf and hard-of-hearing passengers who are in possession of a photo ID issued by the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Entitlement to free and discounted travels must be verified in all cases by an official document.


Public transport of deaf and hard-of-hearing persons


Local transport discounts 

  • Deaf and hard-of-hearing passengers are entitled to free travel within the administrative boundaries of Budapest, Diósd, Budakeszi, Budaörs, Gyál, Nagykovácsi, Remeteszőlős, Solymár, Szigetszentmiklós, Törökbálint, Pécel and Pilisborosjenő.
  • One accompanying person of the customer with hearing impairment is entitled to free travel only when accompanying the person with hearing impairment.


Regional transport discounts

  • Persons with hearing impairment are entitled to free travel on the sections outside of Budapest on regional transport lines.
  • One accompanying person along with the deaf and hard-of-hearing passenger is entitled to travel in possession of a Suburban railway ticket -90% only while accompanying the deaf and hard-of-hearing passenger.
  • Deaf and hard-of-hearing passengers are entitled to purchase a Suburban railway pass - 90% for the section outside of Budapest.


Accessibility of deaf and hard-of-hearing customers’ communication

BKK’s customers with hearing impairment have the chance to use multiple services in BKK’s customer service centres, which make the administration-related processes easier for them.


Sound amplification system

In BKK’s Customer Service Centres such customer service counters have been built, in which the so-called induction loop helps the communication of persons with hearing impairment.

The system is functioning based on the principle of magnetic induction: with the help of the loop-formed cable laid in the room, the sound to be amplified induces a magnetic field inside the loop, in which hearing aids supplied with an inductive amplifying system is able to receive directly the filtered sound, appropriately amplify it and filter excessive, distracting noises when the hearing aid is set in the appropriate mode.

  • Such an induction loop can be found also in the mobile truck.
  • Please find the pictogram for the induction loop at the designated customer service counter(s).


Sign language interpreter and interpreting services 

A sign language interpreter can make communication and administration-related processes accessible for persons using the sign language. Sign language interpretation services provide communication not only by the sign language but also by special systems used by the deaf, the hard-of-hearing persons and also by deafblind persons. 

During the administration process also the video-based interpreting service can provide help for the sign language communication. The entire community with hearing impairment can benefit from one of these services, a.k.a the KONTAKT Interpreter Service from September,2020 operable by the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Persons who are considered to be persons with hearing impairment, in accordance with the Hungarian Sign Language Act are entitled to use the video-based interpreting service of the KONTAKT Interpreter Service free of charge, provided that they can verify this entitlement by official documents specified by law. To use the service, please register in advance at: