New passenger information elements at major terminuses

Budapest, 20 September 2022 – From now on, BKK’s customers are able to find the lines they need to reach their destination much more simply at terminuses, as the company is in the process of renewing the passenger information system at major transport hubs. Thanks to the project related to terminuses, the level of passenger information further increases.


The lines and customers of BKK Centre for Budapest Transport use over 5,800 stops on a daily basis, therefore the company handles on-the-spot passenger information with high priority, besides the development of digital channels. BKK’s staff changes nearly 30,000 displayed information boards on an annual basis in the Hungarian capital, and recently even the entire review and renewal of passenger information elements at major transport hubs to be found in Budapest have been begun.

In the project’s first phase, BKK’s professionals specialised in this field assess the condition of information boards displayed at terminuses, subsequently to which, all of the elements in bad conditions will be renewed. The passenger information signposts along with their passenger information to be found on these posts will be renewed. Even vehicles’ number will be indicated in a bigger size on the renewed boards, enabling BKK’s customers to check from distance the lines that are available at the given stop.

New terminus IDs to help wayfinding

BKK not only changes obsolete, broken devices, but, where required, helps better on-the-spot wayfinding with the help of new solutions. At terminuses where a lot of lines are available to board at different locations - e.g. at different exit points in an underpass - a well-visible, unique code (e.g.: A2, C5) is added to the stops. These codes are displayed even on the maps available on-the-spot and on the web interface.

Thanks to the unique ID, passengers getting about in Budapest are able to find the lines they need more easily than previously. Thanks to the new stop codes, stops will be identified based on the new codes and it won’t be indicated on the information boards that a given line departs  e.g.from the stop of busline 908, as not every passenger may know from where busline 908 departs.

So far the passenger information system to be found at Örs vezér tér, Bosnyák tér, Kőbánya alsó, Batthyány tér, Göncz Árpád városközpont, Széll Kálmán tér, Határ út and Hűvösvölgy has been renewed. The work will continue in the near future at Újbuda-központ and Szentlélek tér.

In accordance with a representative research, passengers getting about in the Hungarian capital are satisfied mostly with the passenger information system as well as with the fact that BKK’s services are available anywhere anytime. These statements are made by thousands of passengers who get about in the Hungarian capital on a daily basis. 85% of public transport passengers is satisfied mostly with the passenger information system, in which digitalisation plays a serious role, in addition to the on-the-spot passenger information system.