BKK introduces passenger-friendly ticket packages

Budapest, 20 September 2022 – BKK Centre for Budapest Transport is introducing new ticket packages to make travel easier for tourists as well as for visitors to the charming town of Szentendre. From now on, the new products are available for purchase from ticket vending machines at Liszt Ferenc International Airport and at Batthyány tér as well as Margit híd–Budai hídfő stations of the suburban railway line.

A new solution will make it easier and quicker for visitors and tourists arriving in the Hungarian capital to buy tickets. From now on, it will no longer be necessary to buy different products individually at BKK ticket vending machines (TVMs), but several tickets can be purchased in a package.

BKK is offering guests arriving at Liszt Ferenc International Airport a new ticket package at the airport's ticket machines, which allows customers to use public transport services for an entire long weekend.

The new package offers are now available in the menu system of designated TVMs under the names Three days in Budapest and Excursion to Szentendre. 

• The ”Three days in Budapest” package

From the TVMs at the airport, you can buy a 72-hour Budapest-travelcard along with two airport shuttlebus single tickets for 8,500 HUF at the same time in just a few touches. Tickets are available in three languages, English and German, as well as Hungarian. 

• The ”Excursion to Szentendre” package

Under the menu item Excursion to Szentendre, by pressing a button, two single tickets are added to the customer's basket for the one-way rides within the city along with a 15-kilometre suburban railway ticket for the route section between Békásmegyer station and Szentendre, and one additional 15-kilometre ticket for the return journey to reach the city boundary. The total cost is 1,320 HUF. The products can be purchased from TVMs at Batthyány tér and Margit híd–Budai hídfő stations. In addition to Hungarian, the tickets are also available in English and German.

With the new ticket packages, BKK aims to make it as easy and quick as possible for people travelling in the capital to manage their everyday travel needs. To this end, the company will continue to monitor the travel habits of people travelling in the city and develop its services and products accordingly.