Decision finally made: BKK’s time-based tickets to be phased in from March

Budapest, 26 January 2022 – The General Assembly of Budapest has made a decision about the 30-minute and 90-minute tickets to be phased in and used from the spring in Budapest’s public transport services. These digital products can be used even for 60 minutes and 120 minutes, contrary to their names, due to their usage conditions.

In our previous press release, we already made a reference to the fact that the General Assembly of Budapest put the introduction of time-based tickets submitted by Mr. Mayor Gergely Karácsony on the agenda of the session held on 26 January. The body supported the mayor’s proposal, hence the time-based tickets to be used on BKK’s lines are expected to be available from March.

The time-based tickets firstly phased in Budapest’s public transport services are, as follows:

30-minute ticket (HUF 530)

The price of a single ticket is HUF 350, hence the 30-minute ticket would be more profitable for passengers transferring at least once between lines or taking a round trip by the same line, instead of the single ticket.

90-minute ticket (HUF 750)

This type of ticket is perfectly suitable for a trip where a passenger is required to run errands and even for a round trip, as it is valid in any direction.

Before the time-based tickets are phased in, the already well-known single ticket will be available in a digital form, which could be helpful too for a lot of passengers for their trip.


How to use the time-based tickets?

The time-based tickets will be on sale and available only in a digital form; their paper-based equivalents will not be existent. Contrary to the classic, already well-known single ticket, the time-based tickets do not restrict the number of transfers, they can be used any number of times in any direction, even in a round trip. Time-based tickets will be valid for the same BKK lines as single tickets with the difference that time-based tickets will be available on the “blue lines” of Volánbusz (the regional buses) and on the MÁV-HÉV trains within Budapest’s administrative boundaries.

The validity of ticket starts when boarding a vehicle or entering into the metro premises, by scanning the code. In possession of the time-based tickets, every single trip started within their validity period respectively is allowed to be finished, even if that trip lasts longer than 30 or 90 minutes, meaning that boarding another line is possible until 29 minutes 59 seconds, in possession of the 30-minute ticket, and until 89 minutes 59 seconds in possession of the 90-minute ticket and passengers are allowed to reach their destination within Budapest’s boundary. That is, passengers are kindly recommended that they pay particular attention to the proper time in possession of either of the time-based tickets, when boarding a public transport vehicle. Hence, BKK’s customers are allowed to use the 30-minute ticket, in certain cases, even for 60 minutes and the 90-minute ticket for 120 minutes. For example, the 30-minute ticket will not become invalid after the 30th minute, as the ticket validity lasts until a passenger leaves the vehicle beyond the 30-minute period.