The New MOL Bubi System is Advantageous For Everyone

Budapest, 07 May 2021 - Affordable fees, no more deposits, flexible, minute-based billing – these are some examples, which characterise the changes made in the tariff system of the new MOL Bubi system. The fare structure of the brand new public bike system has been established the way that it could be favourable both to regular and casual users.


Despite the fact that the final tests of the brand new public bike system have been still under process, detailed information can be already known about MOL Bubi’s new tariff system. The pass, which is half the price of the previously-applicable pass, is more practical for regular users.

  • One monthly pass costs HUF 500,
  • while one annual pass costs HUF 5,000.
  • Similarly to the previous system, in possession of a valid pass, the first 30-minute period of bike use is free-of-charge for each ride. Cyclists who use the bike continuously for over 30 minutes are required to pay HUF 20 per minute after the 30th minute.

In accordance with surveys made in recent years, there are only a few cyclists who use the MOL Bubi system for more than half an hour. The majority of trips takes 7-11 minutes, thus the majority of pass holders are not required to pay extra over the free-of-charge period. In case cyclists opt for the annual pass, they have to pay only slightly more than HUF 400 on a monthly basis.


Give it a try on a cheap price and switch to a pass

Neither passengers who would like to give the system a try, nor tourists who visit the Hungarian capital are required to pay high amounts for the system. For casual users

  • when casual users use the system for the very first time, a one-time bankcard registration fee in the amount of HUF 100 must be paid, which can be used during the first ride. The bankcard registration fee is not required to be settled when they use the system for the second time.
  • The system calculates a usage fee in the amount of HUF 20 for every started minute after the bike is hired.

A monthly pass in the amount of HUF 500 is more practical for cyclists who wish to use the apple-green bikes for more than 25 minutes.


Further changes

Management of the overusage fee becomes more flexible

In the previous fare structure, in case the system was overused, an amount of HUF 500 had to be paid for every started 30-minute period subject to fee, which increased to HUF 1,000 /30 minutes after three hours. Also this has become more favourable in the new tariff system; in the future, in case the system is overused, customers will be required to pay HUF 20/minute fee, in the minute-based billing. I.e. a 34-minute cycling will cost HUF 80, instead of HUF 500.


Possibilities for abuse are reduced

There have been measures to reduce the abuse of the system. Previously, with one registration, further three bikes could be picked up at a docking station, which led to the abuse of the system by many users. This possibility remains in force, however the pass discount is not applicable to the extra bikes; i.e. a usage fee in the amount of HUF 20/minute is calculated by the system. One registration per each bike is recommended.


How to characterise the new MOL Bubi?

Seven years after the launch of the public bike sharing system, not only the tariff system but also the whole system is renewed, in order a significantly much better user-experience could be provided:

  • Thanks to their puncture-proof, inflatable tyres and their lighter weight, the MOL Bubi bikes can be ridden more easily and significantly much better than those in service previously;
  • the new app is well suitable for arranging everything in relation to the system use, personal administration is no longer required and also the website dedicated to the MOL Bubi system is renewed;
  • bikes can be locked more easily with the smart lock and due to the higher tyres, even docking is easy;
  • bikes are equipped with a brand new bell and also a practical mobile case;
  • the new frame and the saddle adjustable more easily make cycling more comfortable even for the tallest cyclists.

Therefore, passengers getting about in the Hungarian capital can enjoy a more state-of-the-art MOL Bubi system that can be used more easily and support and contribute to the sustainable and liveable Budapest vision. The final tests of the system are currently under process, whose results will determine when the renewed MOL Bubi system can reappear in Budapest’s streets.