Refunds offered for unused Airport shuttlebus single tickets – BKK would like to apologise to passengers

The operation of airport shuttle 100E was suspended in April 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, however owing to a technical issue, tickets are still obtainable. BKK thanks the Mass in Transit Association (Közlekedő Tömeg Egyesület), an NGO of transport enthusiasts, who have pointed out the error.

At the same time, BKK would like to apologise to all passengers to whom the error has caused a superfluous expense.  The purchased shuttlebus tickets will be refunded, or can be used later on.


Passengers who have purchased the Airport shuttlebus single ticket, but could not use it, have the following options available to them:

  • Unused tickets bought through the mobile app can be refunded, in which case the user balance is credited, which then can be used for purchases later on.
  • Full cash refunds are given at any customer service centre. No processing fee is charged.
  • Passengers who do not wish to deal with the refund process can use the ticket for a later journey.

BKK wishes to thank passengers who provide feedback about problems and would like to encourage them to continue to do so in the future. Customer feedback provides immense help to the transport organiser.