An electric bus is being tested by Budapest – Objective: to make the vehicle fleet in the Hungarian capital greener

It is of paramount importance for BKK Centre for Budapest Transport to turn to green technologies, on one hand, to contribute to the sustainable development of Budapest along with its transport, on the other hand, to make Budapest more liveable.

In harmony with the Budapest Mobility Plan specifying the future of Budapest’s transport, BKK is testing on 15 (Tuesday) and 16 (Wednesday) September 2020 a fully-electric urban bus equipped with the state-of-the-art technology. The” MAN Lion’s City 12E” electric bus marked with e105 is in operation in the morning and afternoon rush hours during both days on the route of busline 105.

The electric urban bus is running on 15 (Tuesday) and on 16 (Wednesday) September on the route of busline 105 as an extra, additional service to the regular, scheduled service. Information on the actual location en route of the test bus marked with e105 can be found in BKK’s trip planner, via the Internet, in BKK’s FUTÁR and also at:

These days the MAN Truck & Bus, the company organised a demo presentation in Hungary, in the framework of which, they exhibited the new generation, fully-electric, low-floor MAN 12E urban bus on the Zalazone test track in Zalaegerszeg. The Budapest-based test is carried out, thanks to the cooperation made between the manufacturer and BKK: this time Budapest’s public transport users will have the chance to know and test this brand new and innovative vehicle.

One of the objectives of the Budapest Mobility Plan (BMT) approved by the Municipality of Budapest in 2019 is to stimulate the spread of environmentally friendly vehicle technologies. The European Green Deal presented by the European Commission envisions a carbon-free European Union until 2050. In line with the strategic objectives, BMT makes preference for the procurement of zero emission vehicles in the bus sector: both trolleybuses and electric buses, thus the vehicle test in Budapest will be carried out, in harmony with the Budapest Mobility Plan as well as the EU’s objectives.

MAN Lion’s City 12E, the electric urban bus

Length: 12.2 metre
Propulsion: central electric motor with continuous power: 160 kW and maximum power: 270 kW, maximum torque: 2,100.
Driving range: 200-270 km
Accumulator: Capacity: 480 kWh, thanks to the six lithium-ion battery modules. Charging performance: maximum 150 kW, required charging time: circa 3 hours.
Optional safety equipment: adaptive tempomat, lane assist, blind spot information system.

Further information on the bus is to be found at:

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport