Who are we?

We at BKK are well aware of the fact that transport plays an ever more significant role in people’s lives. Therefore, our goal is not only to provide transport to city dwellers, as we believe that our job is more than that. Transport builds human relationships, creates business opportunities, and connects you to your family members, friends, business partners and colleagues.


The BKK’s office


The Centre for Budapest Transport was established in 2010. Since then we have been responsible for the operation and development of Budapest public transport as the transport organiser of the city. BKK as a public service provider is fully owned by the Municipality of Budapest, but it is more than that: it is a community of 1,500 people totally dedicated to their work which is full of challenges.

We go with you day in, day out. We travel on the same lines as you. We board the same vehicles as you, and just like you, we get annoyed when a service is delayed or when we miss a bus just by a bit. In other words, we do see the shortcomings of Budapest transport, that is why we strive to understand your needs better and to provide new solutions from the available resources.

Our mission is clear. We would like Budapest to be the most loveable city in the world! This is what we all work for; this is what motivates the BKK community.

It is to the unique relationship between the transport service providers operating the vehicles (BKV Zrt., ArrivaBus Kft., VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt.) and the passengers that we owe the difficult, yet amazing story, which has been going on for more than 10 years. Thank you for being a part of it!


Our history 

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport was founded by the decision of the General Assembly of the Municipality of Budapest on 27 October 2010. This made BKK the new mobility manager of the Hungarian capital city.

The birth of the company is a result of the realisation by the municipality that the governance structure serving transport development is quite outdated. The fragmented structure was no longer capable of harmonising the developments carried out in Budapest and the transport development projects.

The establishment of BKK was preceded by many years of professional preparation during which experts examined from urban policy, urban strategy, transport sector and last but not least legal aspects how the fragmented system can be renewed. BKK integrated the certain tasks of the Mayor’s Transport Unit, the Budapest Transport Company (BKV Zrt.), the Municipal Public Space Supervising Directorate as well as all functions of Parking Kft. and the Municipal Taxi Rank Operating Company.



2010–2015:     Dávid Vitézy 
2015–2019:     Kálmán Dabóczi 
2019–2020:     Ervin Nemesdy 
2020:                Ivett Varga 
2020:                László Fendrik 
From 2021:     Katalin Walter


Katalin Walter


Operational milestones: 

  • 27 October 2010 – the General Assembly of the Municipality of Budapest established BKK Centre for Budapest Transport.
  • 1 October 2011 – BKK Közút, a new road managing company was founded under the professional leadership of BKK.
  • 1 May 2012 – several tasks of BKV Zrt were transferred to BKK, among others transport organising, traffic control, fare structure development as well as ticket sales and inspection.
  • November 2014 – the General Assembly of Budapest decided to separate BKK Közút Zrt from BKK, and then integrated both companies into the Budapest City Management Holding.
  • March 2017 – the Budapest Transport Customer Relations company (Budapesti Közlekedési Ügyfélkapcsolatok Zrt, BKÜ) was established as a BKK subsidiary to perform tasks such as ticket sales and inspection as well as passenger information services.
  • 30 June 2020 – the reintegration of BKÜ into BKK was started including the transferring of tasks.