BKK Management

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport is an organisation responsible for transport management and development, and as such plays an integral role in the life of the Hungarian capital. In addition to its expert tasks, BKK is commissioned by the Municipality of Budapest to be an initiator and executor. 

As the organisation receives public funding, BKK’s operation must adhere to strict rules, and accordingly, the company is allowed to work solely along predefined steps during decision-making processes. 


Tasks of the Management Board

The operation of BKK is managed by the seven-member Board selected by the founder (Municipality of Budapest), which in addition to defining corporate strategy, also plays an important role in the decision-making process.  

BKK’s operative leader is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), while management basically has a preparatory task, however it is allowed to make decisions at its own discretion, in a responsible and transparent manner up to the monetary threshold of 50 million Hungarian Forints about investments, purchases and public procurement procedures. Final decisions above the threshold are made by the Management Board in all cases, and it also represents the company against third parties in court or before authorities.

Tasks of the Supervisory Board

The operation of the Management Board is controlled by the six-member Supervisory Board, whose chair is elected by the founder for a fixed term. The Supervisory Board may at any time inspect corporate documentation, request information from employees, examine internal order of information, accounting and finances along with corporate bank accounts, treasury, securities and stocks, as well as contracts. The board is also tasked with the coordination of business controls and with providing opinion on draft contacts between BKK and Budapest Municipality as well as on proposals to be submitted to the decision-making body of the founding organisation. 


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