Ticket Vending Machines in Budapest

Tickets and passes required for using Budapest’s public transport system can be purchased without the need for queuing quickly and safely in cash or by bankcard from over 300 TVMs operable around the clock to be found at Budapest’s busy transport hubs and stops. 


Contents: What are TVMs good for?What types of tickets and passes can be purchased from TVMs? ► Where to find the TVMs? ► How to pay when purchasing from TVMs? ► Further important purchase-related information  How to report an error ► Requesting an invoice


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What are TVMs good for?

Tickets and passes can be purchased and also an e- invoice can be sent from BKK’s TVMs. They have a multilingual menu system and touchscreen interface. The touchscreen interface can be easily used. TVMs are equipped with an alarm system and a surveillance camera system and they are suitable for providing remote assistance. 


What types of tickets and passes can be purchased from TVMs?

Most of BKK’s ticket and pass types can be purchased from TVMs.


Where to find the TVMs?

TVMs are to be found city-wide and also in the metropolitan area, at busy transport hubs, among others at every metro station and suburban railway station. Please find their locations at our sales point finder, by clicking here.


How to pay when purchasing from TVMs?

You can pay by a contact and contactless bankcard or even in cash - with coins, and banknotes.
In case you choose to pay in cash, TVMs return coins and even banknotes. TVMs show on their interface the banknotes and coins usable in case of the given purchase transaction. The denomination of banknotes acceptable upon payment can change depending on the amount of purchase and the quantity of cash stored in TVMs.

  • Payment by the denomination of HUF 10,000 is possible only if the amount of the product(s) to be purchased equals to or is over HUF 5,005;
  • Payment by the denomination of HUF 20,000 is possible only if the amount of the product(s) to be purchased equals to or is over HUF 15,005;
  • in one purchase, TVMs accept at least 35 pieces of coins and 15 pieces of banknotes.

Please note that at 79 TVMs only bankcards are accepted, in order their operation could be more reliable and secure. TVMs that accept only bankcards are to be found at spots where there are also such TVMs, which accept both bankcards and cash. 


Further important purchase-related information

  • Please note that in one purchase transaction, you are able to purchase 10 pieces of the same type of product.
  • Please note that in one purchase transaction, you are able to purchase until you reach HUF 250,000.
  • Please note that TVMs do not issue a receipt, as the tickets and passes considered to be also a receipt.


How to report an error

Did you face an issue, while using a TVM? Please feel free to report it at one of the following contacts:


In case you have demands for payment-related refund, we will ask you to provide us the following data: your name, phone or e-mail address, location and ID number of the TVM and the description of the error. 

Please note that we investigate every single report within 30 days and in every justified case, we refund the amount stuck in the TVM. In case you wish the amount to be refunded to a foreign bank account number, it is important to note that we will be able to refund you the amount if it exceeds the bank transfer fee. Please note that in case the amount is less than the bank transfer fee, you will be able to receive the amount in cash within one year calculated from the investigation of the case at BKK’s any customer service centre.


illusztráció: vásárló egy BKK-automatánál


Requesting an invoice

In case you need an invoice, you are required to request a QR code on the following interface before purchase. 

Are you a private entrepreneur (e.v.)? Please register as a company, as only that way can you enter your tax number for the tax accounting of the pass. When purchasing a pass, choose one of the types of pass that can be purchased by companies.

  • When requesting a QR code, you are required to provide all the data that are inevitable to issue an invoice. 
  • Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the QR code in it. 
  • Please scan this QR code at the TVM upon purchase before payment, by choosing payment option with invoice. You can print the code but we would like you, if you may, to download it on your phone. 
  • Afterwards, the TVM will send the e-invoice about the purchased product(s) to the e-mail address provided upon requesting the invoice.
  • If the e-invoice has failed to be sent, we will be able to send you the authentic copy of the invoice. In order for us to do so, we would like to kindly ask you to get in contact with us via any contact provided in section “how to report an error”. 
  • Please note that if you did not request an invoice upon purchase, we will not be able to send one to you subsequently.