Budapest Mobility Plan

On 29 May 2019, the General Assembly of the Municipality of Budapest approved the Budapest Mobility Plan for a period lasting until 2030, based on sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP) guidelines. The mobility plan prepared as a result of the 2017–2019 planning process comprises the updated objectives of the Balázs Mór Plan, which were approved in 2015, and the Transport Development Investment Programme based on project-based evaluations of transport concepts contained in the development plans for Budapest. The overall goal of the plan is to improve the competitiveness and transport of Budapest furthermore to improve the liveability of the city and the surrounding areas, based on sustainability aspects.

The main parts of the full Budapest Mobility Plan are the following: Objectives and Measures, Transport Development Investment Programme and the Strategic Environmental Assessment prepared for the proposed projects.

BMT documentation also contains Project Data Sheets, Institutional Analysis along with the Monitoring and Evaluation Handbook. The Transport Development Investment Programme of the approved BMT is coherent with related sectoral and area based strategies, and it takes into account funding resources known to be available.

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Balázs Mór Plan 2014 for public discussionpdf4.14 mb2021.05.03. 14:08

BMT Vol. I. Objectives and Measures 2019pdf7.9 mb2021.05.03. 14:08

BMT Vol. II. Transport Development and Investment Programme 2019pdf7.12 mb2021.05.03. 14:08

Balázs Mór Plan 2015pdf24.08 mb2021.05.18. 12:48