Equal opportunities

BKK is doing its best to play an exemplary role to its employees, partners and customers alike to become an inclusive and diverse workplace. To this end, our company’s Equal Opportunities Plan for the period between 20212024 has been compiled and made.

EET specifies in a written internal norm the principles, with which our company is intended to comply to prevent potential discriminatory situations and also to create an inclusive, diverse workplace.

Some existing and potential problems are specified from the equal opportunities - and equal treatment-related workplace practices altogether with concrete action plans and timeframe set for their completion that are required to prevent, tackle and resolve the given problems, contributing to the compliance with the equal opportunities-related requirements more entirely.

The Equal Opportunities Plan (EET) summarises the equal opportunities-related principles appearing in relation to the company’s activities in the life of BKK’s employees, their partners and customers and also the conducts with which everyone shall comply. BKK hereby declares that the inclusive approach is a core element of the corporate culture and workplace solidarity, for which it shall establish the necessary conditions.

In the course of social value creation, BKK pays particular attention to persons belonging to disadvantaged groups, as promoting responsible business conduct contributes to the realisation of equal opportunities and equal treatment.

The objective is to enforce the requirement of equal treatment for the benefit of BKK’s employees as well as BKK’s partners and customers with the same respect and deliberation and also to equally respect their special considerations.

The Equal Opportunities Plan, whose entire text is available here specifies concrete programs and action plans with long-term, phased realisation, in addition to general commitments in relation to our employees.

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