Heritage services in Budapest

From May 2023 until the end of October, every weekend there will be a cosy heritage transport bus service in Budapest. Historic vehicles are now an unmissable symbol of Budapest and an internationally renowned leisure activity.


a 611-es S típusú favázas nosztalgiavillamos
Type 611 S wood-framed heritage transport tram


The modern-age transport history of Budapest goes back more than 100 years. Almost all of the iconic vehicles produced by domestic manufacturers ran on Budapest’s streets, many of which have been successfully salvaged and renovated for posterity in the past few years. Thanks to these unique means of transport representing different eras, enthusiasts have been able to ride aboard vehicles that once were part of Budapest residents’ everyday lives and now form the public transport heritage fleet in scheduled operation in the summer season since 2010, based on the cooperation of BKK and BKV. During the heritage transport season, which runs from May to October, visitors can travel back in time on the N2 tram serving a route along the Danube embankment in Pest on Saturdays, and on the N19 tram running via Deák Ferenc tér - Szent Gellért tér - Danube riverbank in Buda on Sundays.

Besides vintage vehicles, travel on classic ones evoking the 1980s and 1990s have also been offered in Budapest since 2019. Classic vehicles are types that no longer or very rarely operate in daily passenger transport, but used to be characteristic elements of the urban landscape. The popularity of the transport heritage services is well demonstrated by the fact that several thousand passengers have enjoyed travelling on vintage and classic vehicles during the last season, too. These flights are announced in the monthly programme.


Regular heritage transport services in 2023



Travel along one of the 10 most beautiful tram lines in the world, along the Danube embankment on the N2 tram. Along the way, you can admire monuments and sights including the Parliament Building, the bridges of Budapest, Buda Castle and the panoramic view of Gellért Hill.


  When does it run? Route
N2-es villamos Every Saturday afternoon from May to the end of October Közvágóhíd – Jászai Mari tér




Travel back in time with the N18 transport heritage tram running on the Szent János Kórház - Széll Kálmán tér-Krisztina körút-Szent Gellért tér-Bartók Béla út-Csóka utca route . From the shady trees of Városmajor park, this line will take you to the Danube bank with its magnificent panorama, and then you can travel all the way to Csóka utca in Kelenföld.


  When does it run? Route
N18-as villamos Once a month, scheduled every second Saturday

Szent János Kórház – Széll Kálmán tér – Krisztina körút –Gellért tér – Bartók Béla út –Csóka utca

*The route may be modified due to track closures. 





Travel on the N19 historic tram line and discover the unrivalled panorama of the Buda Danube riverbank. On your journey, you will pass imposing buildings, famous baths and market halls, bridges and lush green parks aboard the tram. At Deák Ferenc tér, you can visit the Underground Museum showcasing the history of the first underground train line on continental Europe, while across the river in Buda, you can ride the Buda Castle Funicular.


  When does it run? Route
N19-es villamos Every Sunday from May to October Deák Ferenc tér – Szent Gellért tér – budai Duna-part – Katinyi mártírok parkja





You can discover the best parts of Budapest by heritage transport bus as well. Ride along the Bem quay to admire the Parliament House and the Danube embankment in all their glory, and on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út to see the most exciting parts of the city centre. In good weather, the route is served by an open-top cabriolet bus.


  When does it run? Route

N109-es busz


Once a month, every second Saturday Batthyány tér – Margit híd – Deák Ferenc tér – Erzsébet híd – Batthyány tér