Information on BKK’s taxi services

As the mobility manager, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport is in charge of the investigation of complaints filed by its customers in relation to taxi services. Furthermore, BKK issues the taxi accreditation certificates in advance for taxi drivers and also for taxi companies and supervises their services.


Taxis waiting for passengers

For passengers

Dear Passengers,

Please note that taxi fares in Budapest are UNIFORM prices, regardless of the daytime, any public holiday or service provider and are specified by authority. Taxi fares are always calculated by the taxametre. The taxi fare is comprised of the base fare, the time-based fare unit and also of the distance-based fare unit. The minute-based fare is calculated by the taxametre below the 15 km/h speed limit. 


Mandatory rate of the uniform fares from March 6, 2023:

In Budapest, service providers belonging to taxi companies and freelancers provide taxi services. The number of taxi service providers vary; currently there are circa 5,000 taxi drivers being in possession of a valid taxi licence applicable in Budapest, the majority of whom belongs to a taxi company.


Taxi companies licensed based on the Taxi Regulation are, as follows:

You can file your taxi-related complaint(s) to:

1. At any BKK's customer service centre

2. Government Office of the Capital City Budapest Office of district 5

  • Office for Consumer Protection
  • Address: 1051 Budapest, Sas utca 19.
  • e-mail: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +36 1 450 2598

3.    You can even turn to the Conciliation Board to file a complaint against enterprises providing taxi services or against taxi companies. Contact details of the Conciliation Board are: Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. Phone no.: • +36-1-488-2131 • e-mail:

Please find more information on the work of the Budapest-based Conciliation Board operating next to the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry at:

One of the tasks carried out by BKK is to conduct an investigation in relation to the complaints filed against taxi services. BKK is in the position to conduct an investigation in relation to these complaints quickly and efficiently, in case the complainant can provide data, such as the licence plate of the taxi or the licence number to be found on the right front door of the taxi suitable for the identification of the relating taxi driver and also undertakes to fill and sign the Taxi Complaint Form. Please note that the Taxi Complaint Form can be sent via e-mail and it is not required to submit this form in person. In case the investigation by BKK of the complaint results in the breach of law by the taxi driver, BKK initiates the withdrawal of the taxi driver’s taxi rank licence, meaning that the relating taxi is forbidden to provide taxi services for one year in Budapest.


For TAXI service providers

Information for enterprises providing taxi services and for companies mediating and organising passenger taxi services (taxi companies)

Advance issuance of a taxi accreditation certificate for enterprises providing taxi services and also for taxi companies.

Please note that the advance issuance of a taxi accreditation certificate by BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, the mobility manager is the prerequisite that 

  • the enterprise providing personal taxi services could obtain an activity licence or a licence extract displayed on the vehicle by the transport authority and also that the taxi vehicle could take and pass a technical exam; 
  • the taxi company could obtain a dispatcher service or independent dispatcher service licence from the transport authority. 


Dear Clients,

Licencing of vehicles, fee payment for using the taxi rank, the conclusion of the agreement on taxi rank usage, the issuance of the contribution to taxi rank usage and also the delivery of the plastic card and sticker pertaining to the contribution of the taxi rank usage are carried out under the address: 1087 - Budapest, Asztalos Sándor utca 16, by the administration of the Budapest Public Road Nonprofit Plc. (Budapest Közút Zrt.).

Please find more information on the issuance of taxi rank licences at:

The advance accreditation certificates, the licencing of vehicles, fee payment for the taxi rank usage are issued by BKK Zrt., as the mobility manager after the conclusion of contract for enterprises providing taxi services within 24 hours following the administration-related tasks.

BKK Zrt. uploads the advance accreditation certificates to the so-called TaxiDroszt registry system. Please note that for the administrative process to be made at the Transport Supervisory Authority of the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest, it is not required to present the original advance accreditation certificate, as the advance accreditation certificate uploaded in the registry system is accepted.

In case you wish to receive the original advance accreditation certificate, you can collect it in person between 9:00 and 13:00 on workdays at the BKK Head Office located at Rumbach Sebestyén utca 19-21 in District 7.

Please note that BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, as the mobility manager also issues the preliminary accreditation certificates for taxi companies. A request for the accreditation certificate along with its appendices can be submitted at BKK Customer Service Centres.


Customer Service phone numbers

In relation to the delivery of the accreditation certificate issued in advance, please call:

  • +36 70 390 3276
  • Mon–Fri: between 9.00–13.00.

In relation to the supervision/inspection of taxi services, please call:

  • +36 70 390 3448
  • Mon–Fri: between 9.00–13.00. 


About the supervision/inspection

BKK is in charge of also the supervision of taxi services. In the course of the supervision of passenger taxi services, BKK tightly cooperates with other authorities and organisations authorised to the supervision of services.

BKK inspects a number of circa monthly 250 cases carried out on a daily basis, occasionally in the framework of tests jointly organised with the authorities. BKK carries out inspection-related activities mostly at locations city-wide where most of the taxi-related frauds are done, as a consequence of which, the taxi regulation is breached.

During these inspections, BKK’s taxi inspectors check entitlement of taxis to service provision, the related taxi’s internal and external equipment and also the taxi fare. BKK’s taxi inspectors draw up minutes on the spot about these inspections. After the inspection-related document has been studied and processed, BKK makes proposals for measures to the competent authorities and initiates the withdrawal of the contribution to the taxi rank usage. Without a valid contribution to the taxi rank usage, the relating taxi, which has violated the taxi regulation, is forbidden to provide taxi services in Budapest for one year.

The internal instructions specifying the procedure of inspections and also the appendix describing the general inspection-related aspects are available at BKK’s website. The internal instructions describe the process and components of inspections, with the inclusion of the procedure in relation to the investigation of complaints. The major legal regulations on passenger taxi services are listed here, as well.


Major legal regulations