Airport shuttle bus single ticket

Valid for a single uninterrupted trip on the whole length of line 100E only. Return trips, travel on other lines and transfers are not permitted. You must validate your ticket with the on-board machine immediately after boarding or departure. Please show and hand over your ticket if requested by the inspector.

This type of ticket can be purchased from mobile phone apps, ticket vending machines (TVMs), at BKK ticket offices and customer service centres, and using the Budapest Pay&GO service- in the latter case, only a bankcard is required for travel.

Please find more information here on the app and the use, replacement and refund of tickets purchased in the app.

Please find more information here on the refund rule.


The price of the airport shuttlebus single ticket has changed to 2,200 HUF

The price of the airport shuttlebus single ticket has changed from 1,500 HUF to 2,200 HUF as of 1 April 2023.

The airport shuttlebus single ticket purchased as a mobile ticket at th eprice of 1,500 until 31 March 2023 is valid for travel for two years from the date of purchase. Unused tickets can be refunded within this period in the app used at the time of purchase.

Tickets purchased for 900 HUF can be used for travel until 30 June 2023, while tickets purchased for 1,500 HUF can be used until 31 March 2024.