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Operating and improving the public transport system of Budapest is an exciting, large-scale and responsible job that affects thousands of people every day. BKK's success is based on the expertise, customer orientation and cooperation of its employees. Our company is committed to finding and retaining talented employees in the long term.

To this end, we provide opportunities for continuous development and progress. If you are looking for a challenging career opportunity, varied work, competitive benefits, a pleasant, modern work environment, and you are open for new experiences, want to join a fantastic team and the needs of our customers are important to you as well, please check out our current job offers.
We are waiting for your application, come and be a member of our team.

If you did not find the right one for you among our current job offers, but you would like to work with us and you are interested in public transportation in Budapest, please send your CV to




"The company is predictable, the salary is good and I can get insight into the operation of the whole capital through my work."

"I love seeing the results of my work in everyday life. I consider it a professional challenge that what we invent at the design table serves the interests of the people of Budapest. In the end, it fills me with satisfaction when our developments have been realised."

"I find it prestigious to be able to work here. We can be part of the greatest developments that even our grandchildren will be proud of."

"The management is open to innovative ideas and appreciate my work."

"Payment always arrives on time and the company precisely accounts for overtime. The work organisation is good, and it is also important for me to be able to work in an office in the inner city of Budapest, and I get a Monthly Budapest-pass to go to work as well."

"We don’t just adapt the centrally devised materials of multinational companies, but we implement our own ideas. The company is receptive to our creativity."

"Not only is it good to be surrounded by colleagues during working hours, but we also often spend our free time together. We frequently go out, play sports and travel together. We can also count on each other in our private lives."

"I joined BKK as an intern and was able to do substantial work very soon. After my internship ended, there was no longer any question from either party that I would stay on. The company needs my work, they support me in everything, and I see a perfect career path ahead of me and I can thrive professionally."