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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of BKK Centre for Budapest Transport!

With the establishment of our Company in 2010, a transport organiser has been created for the first time in the history of Budapest, which is capable of overseeing every subtle aspect of urban transport. This provides opportunities for us not only to manage the city transport system in an integrated way but also to use development funds in accordance with a unified, accountable transport policy. The company structure is based on successful, well-tried international models; among others London, one of the key cities in Europe, has provided the example for Budapest to organise its transport governance system.

BKK has been managing all transport segments in Budapest since May 2012 , thus everybody who participates in transport has become our customer: passengers who use public transport and buy BKK transport tickets, travelcards or passes at our ticket offices or from our distributors and use the services of the Budapest Transport Company (BKV) or other service providers and come across our ticket inspectors protecting our revenue; pedestrians, cyclists and motorists paying attention to BKK-managed traffic lights, signs and road surface markings who use pavements, bicycle lanes, roads or cross Danube bridges also maintained and refurbished by our company. Even passengers riding in a taxi licensed and inspected by BKK are also our customers.

BKK is responsible not only for the present of urban transport but also for its future from smaller developments which are in the implementation phase to long-term development projects that fundamentally shape everyday life in Budapest. Thanks to the successful launch of BKK’s new bus service framework, modern Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses have entered service in the spring of 2013. We will keep continuing the rejuvenation of the vehicle fleet based on this model also in 2014. Owing to BKK’s rolling stock procurement project, dozens of new low-floor, air-conditioned trams and trolleybuses will be delivered to Budapest, which will define the service level of public transport as well as the image of Budapest for decades to come. As a result of BKK’s FUTÁR project, a state-of-the-art passenger information system will update and direct travellers in the street, on board vehicles and also via the internet. New ticket vending machines to be delivered in 2014 with on-the-spot ticket- and pass-printing capability and later on the introduction of the automated fare collection scheme will make life much easier for hundreds of thousands of passengers. The complete reconstruction of tram lines 1 and 3 has already begun: as a first in Budapest, aesthetically pleasing grass-covered tram-tracks equipped with automatic sprinklers will be laid down allowing trams to glide smoothly, quickly and quietly. In 2014 metro line M4 will also be inaugurated, due to which a significant part of surface transport will need to be reorganised. To do this, BKK relies on passenger feedback gathered though public consultations. BKK’s goal is to provide faster travel times in the city to all. The implementation of the interconnected tram network project in Buda will also begin in 2014: the tram tracks, which were demolished decades ago will be rebuilt along the Bem rakpart embankment, and in connection with this project, Széll Kálmán tér will be refurbished, too. In addition to creating new bike lanes, the MOL Bubi public bike-sharing scheme will be launched along with constant efforts made on our part to make cycling safer in the city centre. Several new pedestrian crossings will be constructed; the operation of traffic lights will be optimised by our modern traffic control centre to assist travelling pedestrians, motorists, buses and trams alike. Road reconstructions also reflect BKK’s endeavour to achieve integrated management: instead of simply covering roads with asphalt, the traffic technology solutions of roads, traffic junctions and bus stops are created in tune with well-established local needs while at the same time taking current professional trends into consideration.

BKK exercises strict supervision over public transport service providers: we check whether drivers adhere to timetables and at the same time drive safely and also whether vehicles are clean. If necessary, BKK imposes sanctions to make sure that you reach your destination fast and under continuously improving conditions. In case our experts or even local communities believe that the public transport network needs to be modified, BKK plans the modifications, makes them public and in the framework of open public consultations welcomes opinions, even yours.

Owing to these measures and the 10% price cut of public transport passes, urban transport is on the right track for sustainable development to make Budapest a more liveable city. Please check “Developments” on our website for detailed information on BKK’s development projects. Should you have any questions, please feel free to write to [email protected] or call BKK’s new integrated customer service centre at +36-1-3-BKK-BKK that is at +36-1-3-255-255. Your call will be answered around the clock!

Together with BKK’s operating partners, nearly 1,400 people work daily to make sure that you reach your destination in Budapest, be it a weekday, a weekend, a public holiday, night or day, summer heat or the coldest winter night – we work for our passengers 365 days a year.

Thank you for using BKK’s services. We trust that you will find the information you need easily on our website. Have a great time browsing!


Dávid Vitézy
Chief Executive Officer

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