Usability, replacement and refund of tickets

BKK accepted tickets and passes issued by BKV, the Budapest Transport Company, and BKK tickets issued by 31 December 2012, up until 31 December 2013. Also, the usability period of tickets purchased from 2013 is limited.

  • Older type single tickets without a kinegram (security strip) will not be refunded or replaced, nor are they valid for travel any longer.
  • Single tickets (metro, single, block of 10 and transfer tickets) with a kinegram or security metal strip are valid for a limited period; only specified tickets will be refunded. Ticket usability (including night services) with no need for extra payment is detailed below:
    • Tickets with a kinegram are valid for travel during the validity period of the indicated price and the transitional period immediately following a price change. The transitional period is one year following the price change. During the 3-month replacement period immediately following the transitional period, unused tickets will be replaced in value with tickets with a kinegram at the sales price valid during the replacement period. Tickets will be replaced without handling fee payment at the designated locations indicated in the fare change announcements. The total value of the tickets to be replaced must not exceed the total value of the new tickets. The block of tickets will be replaced only if the cover is on the block; the value will be calculated by multiplying the number of unused tickets by one tenth (or twentieth in case of blocks of 20 tickets) of the price indicated on the cover. Ticket replacement is only possible during the replacement period, after the transitional period they are no longer valid for travel.
    • Tickets with a kinegram to which the above rules do not apply because of a previous price as well as individual tickets of blocks without indicated year or price, and full price, 50%- and 90%-discounted “metropolitan area local ticket 5 km” and “metropolitan area local ticket 10 km” types of tickets were valid for travel until 31 December 2013.
    • Unused tickets prepurchased from 2013 will be refunded at the customer service centres, at the Central Customer Service Centre in Rumbach Sebestyén u. 19.-21. and at the airport customer service points after the payment of the HUF 250 handling fee. However, the refund and replacement of metropolitan area tickets is free of charge in line with the relevant legal regulation.
  • Based on the above rules, tickets with a kinegram or metal stripe purchased before 2013 were valid for travel up until 31 December 2013 and their replacement was possible until 31 March 2014.
  • Tickets (single, single ticket bought on the spot, block of 10 tickets, transfer ticket, metro section ticket, metropolitan area local ticket, boat ticket, ferry ticket, heritage service ticket) with a kinegram or metal stripe purchased from 2013 are valid up to a price change and a year thereafter.
  • The airport shuttle bus ticket bought in the mobile ticket app can be used for a single trip within 2 years after purchase. The refund of unused tickets is provided through the app within the same timeframe; no handling fee will be charged. Please note that no replacement is available for purchases made in the mobile ticket app.
  • Tickets and passes issued by Volánbusz Zrt. are not replaced by BKK Zrt. Their replacement and exchange must be requested from Volánbusz Zrt.
  • In case of bankcard purchases, the used bankcard will be refunded, unless it is not possible for BKK Zrt due to technical reasons.

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