Project name: MORE (Multi-modal Optimisation of Road-space in Europe)

Duration: 01/09/2018 - 31/08/2021



The objective of the MORE project is to find solutions to transport and public space use-related issues of urban highways with multifunctional public space renewal approach. The project gives high priority to urban areas where negative effects caused due to car traffic make public spaces used also by pedestrians and cyclists unlivable for local residents. Besides, the project examines the optimisation of time and spatial capacity regarding feeder roads of the TENT-T network. In the project, BKK collaborates with UCL (consortium leader), London, Lisbon, Malmö, and Constantia on the detailed examination of road section chosen in the given city. In Budapest, the chosen target area is the urban access road connected to the TENT-T Mediterranean corridor (entry point of the motorway M1/M7 - Keleti Railway Station), whose detailed mapping, the collection of the Hungarian design specifications, identification of design and implementation practices and also detailed data collection (pedestrian counting, traffic image recording at the section of transport hub Ferenciek tere – Blaha Lujza tér) were carried out by BKK throughout 2019. Further tasks in 2020 are to create scenarios regarding different cross-section arrangement and examine them in detail, by community planning and modeling.

In September and October 2020, BKK analysed transport-related issues and also demands regarding public space use in the target area examined in detail in the framework of a social consultation on the website made particularly to this survey. Results of the social consultation are used, among others, for the examination of new solutions in relation to public space use (e.g. on-demand public space design, dynamic curb use, dynamic redistribution of traffic lanes and transport surfaces). The project result is a methodology and toolkit that can be easily applied in the course of the cross-section arrangement-related reconsideration of other roads and which will be created on the basis of the current situation and expected trends and also on the basis of successful European examples.


Project website:

Lead partner: University College London (UCL)

Partners: Technische Universität Dresden, Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, PTV Planung Transport Verkehr, Dynniq Nederland, Vectos (South) Limited, Buchanan Computing Ltd, European Integrated Project, Polis, Union Internationale des Trasnsports Publics, IRU Projects ASBL, International Walking Association, European Cyclists’ Federation, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, Lisbon Municipal Council, Transport for London, Malmö Stad, Municipality of Constanta

Project budget: 5 537 113,75 €, BKK budget in the project: 281 750 €

Grant Agreement number: 769276

Funded by: Horizon 2020

BKK's role in the project: Project partner