Project name: Greening Regional Freight Transport in FUAs

Duration: 01.04.2023 – 31.03.2026. 



GRETA project aims to overcome the challenges of urban city logistics with specific measures that are implemented in the functional area of the cities, consequentially reducing the pollution caused by freight transport and parcel deliveries, and moving towards a more liveable, accessible and healthier city. The city pilots will be tested in the following categories:

  • public space and curbside management for mobility function
  • micro consolidation centres
  • freight transport by cargo-bikes

BKK, as the integrated mobility manager of Budapest, will implement pilot actions related to curb side management, optimizing public space mobility functions on two different characteristic location of the city of Budapest (in downtown area and in residential complex). Special attention will be given to address the urban freight transportation problems and to extend the shared (micro) mobility network coverage, in order to promote the better combination of public transportation and other (shared) modes.

Lead partner: Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation (ITL)

Partners: City of Reggio Emilia (IT), University of Maribor (SI), Municipality of Maribor (SI), Lukasiewicz – Poznan, Institute of Technology (PL), City of Poznan (PL), ZAILOG SCARL (IT), BKK Centre for Budapest Transport (HU), Central European Initiative – Executive Secretariat (IT), European Network of Logistics Competence Centres (BE), Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (DE)

Project budget: 2.713.790 €, BKK budget in project: 256.230 €

Grant Agreement number: CE0100118

Funded by: Interreg Central Europe (80%) + The Hungarian State (15%)

BKK's role in the project: Project partner

Project website: