Tasks & Responsibilities

Budapesti Közlekedési Központ (hereinafter referred to as BKK) is a cohesive organisation acting on professional foundations, which

  • is a direct subordinate of the Municipality of Budapest, and is owned 100% by the Municipality of Budapest,
  • prepares and implements the Budapest transport strategy,
  • incorporates sustainability and equality considerations in the operation and development of transport in Budapest,
  • integrates the management and supervision of the Budapest transport sectors, particularly in public and road transport,
  • orders and finances the public services of public and road transport,
  • improves urban transport,
  • supports, enables and assists the proliferation of pedestrian and bicycle transport,
  • creates a balance between the development and operation of the transport system,
  • operates a standard financing scheme,
  • supervises the public and road transport service companies owned by the capital,
  • co-ordinates all investments which involve public and road transport, including those undertaken by local governments or public utilities,
  • plays an active role in regional transport cooperation.

Strategy development, public service procurement, controlling, financing, infrastructure development and (in part) operation, currently disconnected and operating in isolation, will gradually be integrated into BKK’s own organisation, starting from the very moment of its establishment. BKK’s operation integrates the following duties (currently pertaining to various institutions):

  • transport management and development tasks, excluding only magisterial duties – from the Office of the Mayor’s Transport Unit,
  • duties related to network and transport service planning and management, ordering, sales, ticketing, traffic management, marketing, monitoring and major transport development projects – from BKV Zrt.
  • all duties related to road management, incl. traffic lights, ordering, and control – from FKF Zrt.
  • all responsibilities of Parking Kft.,
  • all responsibilities of Taxi Management Kft.

Within the institutional model, BKK is located between the local government and transport providers and operators. Basically, strategic, developmental, management, ordering, control functions are integrated into the organization, in case of both public and road transport:

Duties related to integrated urban transport management and transport strategy development

  • managing the municipal transport sector at an urban level, in an accountable, responsible and professional way, including regional coordination,
  • preparation, updating, consultation and timely implementation of metropolitan transportation development strategy and concepts,

Transport development, investment projects:

  • preparation, planning, ROI analysis and civil transaction of development projects,
  • management of implementation, coordination and attending to beneficiary duties of major projects and other EU funded projects.

Public transport related duties:

  • planning and organising network and services,
  • planning and developing tariff concepts,
  • attending to public service procurer duties, managing public service contracts, operating controlling and monitoring systems,
  • setting and monitoring service level agreements related to public transport,
  • attending to customer service duties,
  • manufacturing, selling and monitoring tickets and passes,
  • attending to integrated passenger information duties,
  • unified, Budapest-centric traffic control within public transport,
  • attending to duties related to river navigation,
  • cooperation with regional members.

Road-transport related duties:

  • preparation of road traffic management, control and development concepts, developing an optimal traffic management system,
  • preparation of a traffic order for public areas considering pedestrian and bicycle interests,
  • organising and coordinating road reconstruction, construction works, organising closing works,
  • preparation and development of concepts for intelligent transport systems, operating intelligent transport management,
  • attending to road management duties on major roads owned by the Municipality,
  • road management of Budapest roads,
  • carrying out uniform traffic control duties,
  • supervision of taxi transport, unified managing of the numerous related unsolved problems,
  • operating taxi stations,
  • unified control of bicycle traffic development in the capital,
  • preparing parking strategy and developing an operational concept,
  • ordering, operating, controlling and operational supervising of a public service pay parking system,
  • attending to duties related to heavy traffic charges, preparing future congestion charging concept.

Relations, coordinative duties:

  • regular contact with the National Transport Authority regarding the issues affecting the Capital,
  • communication with jurisdictional European Union support organizations (e.g. National Developmental Agency, KIKSZ),
  • communication with jurisdictional European Union organizations (European Committee, JASPERS, EIB, etc.)
  • understanding and representing the regional aspects next to the capital ones regarding EU development projects,
  • cooperation with regional transport operators (e.g. the Ministry of National Development, suburban governments),
  • communication with MAV, Volan companies and the National Infrastructure Development Corporation, representing tha capital’s interest during the rehabilitation of Budapest railway stations and the development of suburban rail connections,
  • communication with utility providers within the capital,
  • communication with providers not owned by the capital, but providing service within the capital,
  • representing Budapest in Hungarian and international professional transport organisations and conferences.

BKK will present a integrated image to its clients, the passengers, which will represent the various lines of services in a unified manner.

You can obtain further information relating to the concept of BKK from the document presented to the General Assembly of the Municipality on 27 October, 2010, which can be downloaded here.

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