On which routes can I use Budapest Pay&GO and how many tickets can I buy at a time?

Currently you can only use the Budapest Pay&GO service on board the 100E Airport Express to buy airport shuttlebus single tickets for the direct airport-city centre bus link, and at all entrances to metro line M1 to buy a single ticket. You can buy up to 5 tickets at the same time with one bankcard or smart device. On the 100E Airport Express, you can buy up to 5 airport shuttlebus single tickets at the same time (using one bankcard or smart device in one direction on the same bus). At the validators on the M1 metro line, you can also buy up to 5 single tickets with a single tap of your card, but you can buy up to 5 tickets by tapping your card again, several times in a row. The tickets can be used for your own travel and for others travelling with you.