Filming rules

Rules applicable for filming on municipally owned public spaces and on vehicles providing public transport services commissioned by BKK Centre for Budapest Transport

The regulation relating to filming – including commercials – on public spaces owned by local governments and the method for obtaining permits changed as of 1 July 2013 on the basis of Act CXCIX of 2012 on the modification of Act II of 2004 on motion pictures and also of Government Decree 205/2013 (VI.14).

Requests for public space use

Film making and other film producing companies have to submit their requests for public space use requiring restrictions of public transport and road traffic (pavement, roadway, bicycle path, car park, greenlane, bridge, underpass, etc.) to the competent government office based on the location in Budapest or in a county in Hungary at the latest five workdays or, in case of an urgent procedure, two workdays prior to the planned start date of the filming.

We kindly ask you to send your request to [email protected] in due time to ensure a smooth administrative procedure.

Requests for traffic engineering

Depending on the purpose of the public space use, it may be required to submit an application for a traffic engineering management permit (public road management permit), an application for a public transport route diversion permit or an application for an access permit, the latter to be requested in a separate application process.

Special requests concerning BKK

Pease send your requests affecting BKK or its activities to [email protected] or submit in person at BKK’s Customer Service Centre located at 1075 Rumbach Sebestyén utca 19-21, not later than the day the requests are submitted to the Government Office of Budapest. As soon as the requests are received by BKK, they are immediately forwarded to the competent departments.

Documents to be attached to the requests

In case the planned use of public space does not require restrictions of public transport, please attach to the request the accurate, scaled site-plans presenting the location and extent of public space use.

In cases where traffic restrictions on public roads are required, a 1:500 scale site plan of the traffic restrictions and public space use prepared by a professional designer needs to be attached to the request.

Costs incurred

In case of requests submitted for public space use which have an impact on public transport services, the applicant shall bear the extra costs incurred for which BKK provides a price quotation. After the traffic engineering plan has been approved, BKK invoices the extra transport capacity to the Customer.

Evaluation and contracting

BKK examines whether public space use can be granted in terms of traffic technology and road management based on the conditions indicated in the requests. The Company will send its professional opinion via e-mail to both the applicant and the Government Office of Budapest.

The Government Office of Budapest, in an intermediary role, concludes an authority-level contract with the applicant regarding public space use. Consent and approval by the competent local government’s body of representatives is necessary for the contract to be valid. The body of representatives may delegate this power of authority to the mayor, deputy-mayor or a committee.

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