Metropolitan area local pass for pensioners

Available with any starting day. Valid from 00:00 midnight on the indicated day (but from the time of purchase at the earliest) until 02:00 a.m. of the same day of the following month for regional bus services within the indicated town in the metropolitan area. To be used together with a valid pensioner pass ID. Please provide pass ID number at the time of purchase as it will be printed onto the slip. Valid with linked original photo ID only. The pass is non-transferable. If the pass gets damaged or the ID number has changed, the pass will be exchanged for the same type of pass with the same validity in return for a handling fee at the designated locations. Please present and hand your pass over if requested by the inspector. Please note that we cannot replace lost passes.

Refund rule: only refundable before the start of validity

Discounts: please see the discount policy

Please click here for the advance purchase rules.

Please click here for the available bus lines and the exact route section boundaries.

Price: HUF 2 600

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